Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Nome and Scratches

My daughter Karla's husband Chris on a snowmachine, ha!

So the fast riders have made it to Nome and those with troubles have scratched --- include Team 23. So bummed about that! Not sure what is going on, only saw that they got to Galena - pulling one of the sleds in. First team into Nome was Minnick and Olstad (16). Four teams are there as I type - 16, 8, 22, and 14. 10 and 18 are on the trail to Nome.

Team 21 got their parts and have been back on the trail, right now they are heading for Kaltag.

I tried to find information about required layovers and the rules of the race, but can't find anything. Maybe Tesoro Iron Dog will post those on their website eventually, right now I have no idea what sort of layovers are required, I just keep seeing the racers declaring layovers. Enquiring minds would like to know...

Iron Dog has lost a total of 12 Pro teams so far. 28 Teams continue to run.

I found a fun article online. It's a good one for describing what it's like to race the Iron Dog as rookies. That year, 2005, Team 14 were rookies too and yet they won the Iron Dog, not only beating the veterans but winning despite challenging weather to boot!

The young, up-and-coming team of Marc McKenna and Nick Olstad were able to stave off the host of previous and most experienced Iron Dog winner's to win the 2000-mile race back and forth across the last frontier of Alaska . Up and over 3 mountain ranges and back, team #14 crossed the finish line with a running time of 52:59:40 setting a new course record for this route. Followed by the team of Scott Davis and Todd Palin who crossed only 20 minutes ahead of the third place team of Kenny Kleewein and Randy Hunter.
Just in case you didn't realize - Randy Hunter and Kenny Kleewein of TEAM 21.

Read more about the 2005 Tesoro Iron Dog Race and rookies Skeet Black and Larry Kropp at SNOWMOBILE.OFFROAD.COM

Their story is fun!

Good luck Team 21! Good job to all the front runners.

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