Monday, February 18, 2008

Little Things

It's just the little homely things,
The unobtrusive, friendly things...
That make the world seem bright.

...The everyday-encountered things,
The "just-because-I-like-you" things
That make us happy quite.

...The can't-you-see-I-love-you" things,
The hearty "I-am-with-you" things,
That make life worth the fight.
Author Unknown

This partial poem is from Poems That Touch The Heart, and compiled by A. L. Alexander.

Picture is of Chewy and is one that I've named "Waiting for Spring."


cookie said...

Hi Connie,
Oh, my heart really felt for you and the OES when I read your comment. Once Einstein jumped out of my car when he realized we were almost home. He ran into a very busy street and I was quite frightened. Fortunately, a neighbor was out with his children. They were lifesavers. Soon after that my neighbors had a beautiful OES named Tucson.
Regarding your question...I vacuumed all the time!

TJ said...

Cute photo! Sampson seems to be enjoying this mild weather. It's been low 50's this week, and he lays on the porch sunning himself. Once summer hits though, he will wish he was somewhere cooler. We always leave a full bucket of water and a kiddie pool out for him.

Thanks for the gelatin mold tip. I tried that, but probably was too impatient (it has been known to happen).

Constance said...

Doesn't "homely" mean ugly?

Tee-Hee! Just want you want, a wise-crackin' BBF!

mrsjojo said...

OOOOH, the doggy life! Tell him that I'm waiting also but in a more frantic mode. :) Cute photo. Is spring here already? It is already 34 degrees at 6am.

Jettie said...

Here thee...Where are ya!! Love your dog!! and Iam tooo waitning for spring!!! In over 5 feet of snow and more to come!!