Friday, February 15, 2008


For his valentine's treat I made Doug his favorite chocolate chip cookies. I took two cookies and filled the middle with one of his favorite ice cream flavors "Moose Tracks," then I topped it off with hot fudge. He loved it. Too much chocolate for me! I am not a choc-a-holic but I had a small serving of fat-free vanilla ice cream. Yep, I had a cookie, it was the last chocolate chip cookie; I make sure the last cookie of the batch does not have any choc/chips and that one is always for me. YUM!

Doug came home from work with an impressive giant bouquet or yellow roses. It is beautiful. It has a lot of greenery in it which is different, but pretty. We went out to dinner at Best Western's Lake Lucille Inn. They were having some Valentine's specials going on - I think that the menu prices were jacked way up! I enjoyed their yummie salad and soup bar while Doug munched down on some shrimp.

We went to the pet shop to get Chevy food and then to the grocery store to get ice cream.

We had a fun evening together.

I skipped out on the Show and Tell Friday this week but probably will join in next week. I know what I want to share too... but you gotta wait until then! I plan to check out the participating Show and Tell Friday bloggers though, I enjoy looking.


jennifer said...

You look so pretty posing with your roses. I'm glad it was a LOVE-ly day. Jennifer

Constance said...

Doug looks very happy with his dessert and your flowers are beautiful! My hub along with the 4 other husbands in our Life Group surprised us wives with roses, a stretch limo and a romantic, intimate dinner at a great restaurant! Man oh man was I ever shocked!

mrsjojo said...

You scored big time-I've never saw a dozen roses arranged like that before-pretty for a pretty young lady!! (you are younger than me, you know) :)

Faith said...

I LOVE your flowers!! Yellow roses are my favorite ones. My husband brought me home a cute pot painted light pink with a tin heart etched on one side and it was a yellow rose bush with a little trellis. I am wondering if I am supposed to transplant it come spring?? Glad you had a great Valentine's Day! (the cookies sound fabulous!!)

e-Mom said...

Love the photos. (And I like your pretty hair!) Hugs, e-Mom

Jettie said...

Love this photo!!!!!!!!!!!!
pretty flowers for a preety Lady!!

Sharon said...

What a lovely bouquet of flowers he bought you! You lucky girl! By the description of the cookies, it sounds like he is a lucky man too!!!

Hugs, Sharon

Charlotte said...

Yes, blogging can get to be a full time job. Good thing I'm retired. Sounds like you had a nice Valentines day. The cookie sandwich you made for your hubby sounds great to me. I AM a chocoholic.
Thanks for visiting my Show & Tell. My wedding rings are white gold also. I've had them for almost 50 years. Guess I've always liked silver. I remember telling my fiance I wanted white gold, not yellow gold.

cookie said...

Hi Connie,
What great photos. You are so pretty with your roses and other goodies. I love that arrangement. It's gorgeous.

You asked about the photo of my Mother on the beach. It was taken on the beach at Fairhope, Alabama, across the bay from Mobile, where I grew up. If you've never been to Fairhope, it's a marvelous little town that is full of wonderful shops. It's really an artists community and is walking distance from Mobile Bay.

Thanks for your very sweet comments. I'm looking forward to your show and tell next week.


MammyT said...

Connie, you have got to be kidding! Old Harbor? You probably know my husband. He grew up in Ouzinkie. Our daughter does beadwork, too. I was just looking at yours and will have to show her. This is a small world.
Send me an email and we'll figure out if we're second cousins by marriage or something!

MammyT said...

Me again, I tried to post this on your bead blog but coudn't.
I love the polar bears. Where was the dancing from. I looked at some of it. I love watching the big gatherings where dancers come from all over. The PBS station used to air it up there. We were living in Homer when we came back down here. It was a family decision and our daughter and her family came as well. We miss a lot of things, as you can imagine, but are certain that this is where God wants us for now.

Gattina said...

But you did Show & Tell ! You showed the bouquet and the cookie and you told us about, see !

TJ said...

Beautiful flowers! Moose Tracks is pretty popular in our house! Just wish I could eat ice cream. Have a wonderful week!