Monday, February 11, 2008

Can You Imagine?

How tired the guys must be?

Oh my word, they've been riding hard and going so far and still riding HARD! I have been a passenger on a comfy 4-wheeler, gone on long rides on trails and I got sore! These guys, are going lickety-split down rough trails. I bet there are some very cool videos to be had along the trail from these guys flying over it!

I just peeked into Tesoro Iron Dog's updates and was looking at the times. The front guys are just minutes apart. Team 22 (Palin,Davis) and Team 14 (McKenna, Quam) are pretty much traveling together (checking into Ophir at 9:48 and 9:49)! No time for rest. The first two teams (check into Ophir 9:22 and 9:25) are only 23 minutes ahead!

Team 14, McKenna (Anchorage) and Quam (Eagle River) are veterans. McKenna took first in 2002 and Quam was in second place in 2002.

I am so thankful I don't have to do this. ha

Our Team 21 - still getting left behind in Rohn waiting for parts. So sad. Darn! I hope they are getting their parts as I type and can get back on the trail soon.

Team 23 is holding in 11th and continues to run with the fast crowd on the trail to Poorman! GO Team 23!

Tesoro Iron Dog has had one rookie team with troubles on the trail. A rescue was sent out for them. I don't know if that means they got lost or what. They are at a place called Helicopter Lake Cabin with their last check in done at Shell Lake.

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