Saturday, February 02, 2008

The 2008 Tesoro Iron Dog

It's that time once again, the Tesoro Iron Dog, the 1,971 mile race to Nome and then back to Fairbanks.

I just finished reading about Charlie Potter (Team 42), an Iraq war veteran. He was disabled and has spent time recovering from nearly losing his arm during an enemy attack. He is running the race to prove that one can recover from losing so much to gaining enough back to run the hard race to Fairbanks via Nome. Now I see that his racing snowmachine was stolen! Read about it here.

Today we spent at the Wasilla Sports Complex. Doug bought a booth at the Tesoro Iron Dog Safety Inspection Festival and we got to spend most of the day seeing and talking to people interested in this yearly event.

Doug and I decided to sponsor a team (two sleds) by supplying their machines with AMSOIL via his business Doug's Synthetic Lubricants. We have never sponsored an Iron Dog team before but thought it would be cool to support some guys from the town that we live in. So meet Team # 21. Charlie Potter is also from Big Lake.

A video I found from YouTube of Team 21 in 2007.

This video was taken last year. Randy said that they didn't have good luck last year since one of their engines "burned up." David Branholm and Randy Hunter, Jr. will be riding on Polaris IQ 600's, we are excited to watch the Iron Dog Race to see how they do this year!

The race will start on February 10 and they all will be leaving from Big Lake, Pro Class begins leaving at 11 A.M.

I didn't find out what happened with Charlie Potter's stolen sled. I wish I would have read about this before I went to the Complex today so I could have found out if Team 42 is racing or not. If I find out I will share. Our beautiful Governor Sarah Palin's husband will also be running again he and his partner of Team 22 continue to be the fastest team to try to beat!

Go faster Team 21! :-)

May God keep you all safe.

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