Monday, January 14, 2008

So Cold!

It's been in the minus for a while now. So cold! On the way to church this morning we noticed the earlier daylight. That was encouraging.

Klint and Kris planned a race day on the ice track for yesterday. When they planned this they said, if the temperature was below 15 F the race day would be canceled. It was -8 here yesterday! They went ahead and were out there themselves even if their noses and cheeks were being bitten by the cold. We had several die-hard racing families and friends show up for the afternoon too.

I made a reluctant appearance and did spend time down by the big bonfire. The kids were in the shop studding up the tires of their quads when I was outside. I wanted to be outside to watch the races (which were planned to be on by that time) but there weren't any races going on, so I went back to the house to wait until they were out racing. The longer I was indoors the better the woodstove heat felt. I began to dread going back out. I ended up watching from the windows the rest of the evening.

They plan to do this again sometime --- when the temps are warmer! That sounds really good to me.


Constance said...

GOOD GRAVY WOMAN! I looked at the temps where you are right now and it's -16!!! Holy Smokes! BRRR! I know that would take some adjusting to having lived down here in Texas for the past 14+ years! Having all of your family around and enjoying doing things together is sch a blessing! What's the word on your car? Are you going to have to get a new one or just have it repaired?

Have a wonderful week!

Connie Marie said...

Yes, c-c-c-ccccoooold! They say... it's enjoyable with the right gear, but I tend to object. Klint got slight frostbite while racing... that don't sound like fun to me!

My car sits in the garage looking so abused. :-( Not quite sure yet what will come of it. Other things seem to be more important right now, but things have a way of "working out for our good."

Waiting for the warmth to return...

Jettie said...

Hi there..I feel your was a fricken cold -27 below this am!!!!!! only one vechicle would start here!!! and to think 2 weeks ag it was 30 above out!! I can't warm up it's been so cold!!
My mom did some beading there I think she sold some at a place called :The Bog" She sent me some things from there I love them!!

Connie Marie said...

Hi Jettie,

Ohhhhh that's even worse cold than here. My sister lives down around the Iliamna area (King Salmon area) and she said that it had been -27F at her home too! But it warmed up to -9F, ha. I haven't heard of The Bog, I like to see other ladies beadwork, it would be fun to see the work your Mom did.