Friday, January 18, 2008


...and to be polite, I wanted to let you know that I plan to take a blogging break. I shall return on a brighter day, maybe when the fair breezes of spring return, or if I capture an exquisite view of Alaska, or a picture of my family caught as it is at the moment and only for a short sweet time, or just to come back and say "boo!" Until then, I shall be visiting my blogging friends to keep up.

For those that prayed from my sister Millie, she ended up not having surgery. (According the her daughters update site.) She just changed out the tube and she is doing good.

Awl be bach!



I am so glad that Millie is doing fine. I shall miss you. I hope Spring hurries and get here. It will be lonely with out you. Be sure and come visit me. Have a good break. love you, connie from Texas

Faith said...

Hi! I didn't know you were taking a blogging break and just awarded you with an award. Come on over when you get a chance and pick it up! Blessings to you!

mrsjojo said...

Hi Connie, I will miss your break in the blogging world. It's always good to read your blog. I enjoyed the photos with the snow coming down. Doesn't feel like it is going to look so pretty now that the weather has warmed up quite a bit.
I'm praying for Mil.
Have a good break and "keep looking up".

Jettie said...

Have a great vacation!!!

Constance said...

Breaks are needed sometimes! I will miss you and hope you aren't gone TOO long my BBF,

Connie Marie said...

Thanks for the notes Ladies, I just finished stopping by your blogs and visiting. It was fun!


Connie Marie, praying for Springtime to hurry and get here. Don't you forget us. We love you. connie from Texas

e-Mom said...

Hi Connie Marie,

Just as you're leaving the blogosphere, I'm returning! It was good to have a break, so I understand your need for a change of pace. Maybe a few long winter naps, some hot chocolate by the fire, and a few brisk walks will help refresh your mind and heart.

I will keep both you and Millie in prayer.

Hurry back!