Thursday, January 31, 2008

Butter Not Eat Dat!

Did you see the funny commercial by I Can't Believe It's Not Butter? The Mom is serving baked potatoes with a whole stick of butter stuck into each one. It's so funny. (Click on link for a coupon from the margarine company even.)

Didn't we used to always eat a lot of butter? Now there is such a craze on HEALTHY or is it just me seeing all this healthy, excercise suggestions going on everywhere?

I like it.

I was quiet when I watched the little four-year old girl weighing 104 pounds, (something like that) demanding more food. Her Mom can't figure out where she gets her obsession with food. If she does not get her food the way she wants it, she hollers at her family, especially her Mom! Read about this at GMA.

I've lost 25 pounds ---I have not been hollering at anyone for more food either.

Speaking about overweight children, Shaq is one of many that has made an effort to help with kids that are overweight. Check out his website Shaq's Big Challenge, he has a tv show with that same name (I have never seen it).

I know a lot of my blogging friends are dieting too and I want to say good luck on your plans for a better you, whatever they may be. Eat your fruit, eat your veggies, buy fat free yogurt, cottage cheese, milk. My favorite diet food is something my Mom likes to eat, frozen blueberries. So good to snack on while I'm watching the Biggest Loser, ha!


Faith said...

Hi Connie Marie! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am feeling a bit better tonite and hopefully can go back to work in the a.m. although we are expecting an ice storm. ARGH! Would rather than snow!
I don't need to diet, have always been on the too skinny side...but...I LOVE trying to eat healthier food, especially as I feel more energized and my kids feel better too when we cut out high fats, junk food, etc. and I love frozen blueberries...I like to add some chopped walnuts with them! Enjoy your Friday!

Connie Marie said...

I am in awe of you "on the too skinny side" types, what a blessing.

Constance said...

Hey Girlfriend!
I've been thinking about you a lot lately, keeping you and Doug in my prayers. I miss being greeted by one of your posts when I open your link. Sometimes though, life requires adjustments.

We've been eating a bit more healthy due to Dave's high cholestoral I told you about. I actually did see that commercial, last night for the first time.

My neice is morbidly obese. She's 17, about 2 months older than my son. She was born premature and my stepsister encouraged her to eat whenever she wanted. You can do that when they're infants but she never put the brakes on. My mom told me once that she never got the opportunity to buy her cute frilly little clothes because she was so heavy. She was wearing girls size 14-16 and then having to cuff the pants a lot or the sleeves. Amber has a beautiful personality but my sister never did her any favors by being neglectful in this area. It's so sad!


e-Mom said...

You've lost 25 pounds!!??!! Fantastic! You're an inspiration.

My weight fluctuates up and down about 5 pounds. I do pretty well when I stay away from carbs. I enjoy real butter (they say it's healthier than margarine) but I don't overdo it.

Snacking on frozen blueberries... now there's a great idea!

Happy National Wear Red Day, BTW. Did you know heart disease is the #1 killer of American women? Obesity is a big part of the problem.

Have a blessed (and slim) weekend.


Jettie said...

Hello and welcome back!!!!!!!!!
I have missed you!! I am so glad you stopped in when you were takin a break!!
I posted something for ya today!!
and I watched that on the little girl poor thing I can't imagine what they go threw.
I have never been skinny...and I am too trying.

Connie Marie said...

It's always nice to be missed! Thanks Ladies :-)

I spent time reading Revelation, and was kind of depressed about all the forecast for the horrible things that must happen to our world and mostly people that won't acknowledge God in their lives, but the last three chapters had me in rejoicing mode, BIG TIME! Heaven is going to be so wonderful and I wish for it to be here quickly but then I remember the mercy of God and how He is waiting for all that will be saved. He is so good to wait for us, slow to respond people. He is patient and He is kind.

I love blogging and reading all of your thoughts at your blogs too, it's fun. Thanks for the friendships.


Connie Marie, Good for you. I too, have lost 25 pounds but I have so much more to lose, sometimes it is hard to keep my eyes on Him in this area but I am trying so hard.

I started another blog, I don't know if you have seen it or not. It is I feel that it helps give me some accountability and in the hopes of being a help and encouragement to those who are also trying to lose.

I sure did miss you when I couldn't come and find a post each time that I came. So thankful that you are back. love you, connie fromTexas