Wednesday, November 14, 2007

WEBCAM that works for me!

I've been trying to get the webcam to work for me this afternoon. I tried different settings on my firewall and virus scanner but nothing changed not being able to view the webcam. I finally shut down IE and opened Firefox and it worked. So I took the URL that it displayed and tried it again in IE and it worked. So if you were like me and could not get the webcam to open for you, try this address:

Elephant Webcam at I haven't seen Maggie or any elephants yet because I think they are probably eating dinner or resting for the night.

I am so happy for Maggie.

I was looking through old pictures and saw one of Annabelle, the elephant we used to have up here before she passed away in 1997. I don't have one of Maggie though. This picture is from PAWS.

I've moved a desk out of this room to the main floor and set up my old computer on that. I decided to hook my laptop up to my flat screen and wireless keyboard and mouse. It feels so good to be on a regular size keyboard again, but I've had to make adjustments in my typing since I am so used to the laptop keyboard now.

Anyway, are we bloggers ever really gone when we say we are gone? This blogger is not ever really gone! I always manage to sneak a peek here sometime during my time away. Thanks to those the keep peeking back!

"I was looking back to see if you were looking back at me..." or something like that. (An old song.)

P.S. I heard from "Tamara" at PAWS and she said that the elephants usually start in for dinner about 4:30 p.m. and then head out doors after their bath, and foot care in the morning about 10:30 a.m. Someday I hope we can get to California and check out the Performing Animal Welfare Society's Wildlife Sanctuary. It would be fun to meet all the other awesome elephants, and tigers, and bears, and monkeys and lions and mountain lions. PAWS also has a Black Leopard, Paka (small African wildcat), and Bobcat. They are all cats. Beautiful too. Stop by and visit them. You can also contact Tamara for a small group tour. Thanks for your efforts, Tamara.


Constance said...

It worked for me!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by love, laughter & family!

Your BBF in Texas,

Anonymous said...

I had such hopes.Nothing seems to get me to an active webcam. I'll keep trying,as my Maggie friends say it exists. Thx anyway. Alt -30 ,