Thursday, November 08, 2007

Things That Creak, Groan, Wiggle, Howl!

Picture is of those noisy pipes.This morning I saw a BIG mouse on my back deck. As usual, during the fall and winter months the mice come to raid the bird feeders. I am thinking this mouse probably has brought mousie friends over by now too. As I walked along the back deck (to see if my son was down at the shop) this mouse ran right along beside me just as if he was my puppy! I had my sandals on and bare feet under those so I felt totally vulnerable. SHOO!

It's been getting colder at night and I've heard different noises. The heating pipes have been creaking and groaning as they move the hot water to heat our house. While I was playing games the other night the pipes in this rooms closet started to make louder noises. I stood up and moved away, watching the pipes and wondering if they were going to explode.

My husband was sleeping by then so I quietly crept into our bedroom and gently tapped on his foot - enough to wake him but not enough to wake him. If you can understand that ---we must have a lot in common! He lifted his head and I quickly said, "The heating pipes are making strange noises!" He says, "Yeah, I will check them tomorrow." He turned over and tried to go back to sleep. I went back to my computer.

My game induced reverie was rudely interrupted when the pipes now sounded like they were not only creaking and groaning but now were also wiggling? AND getting even louder too. Again, I stood away from them - never know but they could possibly burst and spray me with hot water, I thought to myself. This time, Doug got up quickly and came in to check on them. He fiddled with them a bit then ended up shutting the heat down and quietly said something about the in-floor heating gear going bad? Or a seal? Or something that is in a bad pump? I don't remember, whatever it was - it has to be fixed.

Sometimes noises that I don't understand or know where they are coming from can kind of give me the creepies. These creepies can be spiritual, the enemy of Christ's heirs (me) would love to keep me in fear, but I don't have to be afraid. I have Christ in me, He has defeated all the enemies of God, including fear. I am so thankful - as I used to be a very fearful person, afraid of the spirit-world.

Last night as I played (later than I should have been) I heard a loud howling. It was not Chevy (my big dog) and I can't believe that it would have been Chewy (my little dog), now I am thinking that maybe ----it was that BIG MOUSE!!!!

This morning, I've informed Dougie that he needs to do some serious mouseketeering.

Here is something you may be interested in and want to do:

"For nothing is impossible with God." Luke 1: 37

This is the verse at the International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church which will be happening on Sunday. We need to be in prayer for our brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who face increasing persecution in other lands. Read more about them at Mission Network News and be in prayer everyday for them. Sunday, November 11, 2007 has been a day set aside to be in prayer specifically for them. We are so blessed in USA to be able to worship God freely. May God help us to be good stewards of His Word.

"Imagine Christians in Bhutan, Sierra Leone, Finland, China, Mongolia, Bulgaria, Germany, Cuba, Venezuela, Australia, Belarus, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Uruguay, Denmark, Sweden, USA, UK, Vietnam, Laos and many, many other nations praying together — not only for the persecuted church but with the persecuted church. Surely this is a day pleasing to God himself when his children unite in love and prayer." Johan Candelin, Global Co-ordinator, IDOP.

Christian's in persecuted worlds have seriously decided and have chosen to follow Jesus Christ, the Truth. They will do so - even to the point of death, something that no people ever want to face. They have overcome fear to cling only to Christ and many will face death for their choice.

May God bless and strengthen them and fill them with joy unspeakable. Someday we will meet these strong followers of Christ and their families. Right now, we should be praying for them every day. Read the news from persecuted churches at Mission Network News and pray while you do.


Constance said...

Sadly, we Americans are kind of "Fat Cat" Christians! We have no idea what it is to "suffer for righeousness' sake." We get this distorted reality that Christians all over the globe look and live, just like us! I wonder how many of us would "cave" in the face of true persecution? I often wonder how I could've stood it if I were an early Christian, thrown to the lions along with my family? I'd like to think of myself as a Steven or some other amazingly strong Christian but the sad reality is I would be in total anguish if I had to see my loved ones killed!

Constance said...

I forgot to comment on the pipes...duh!

I was actually looking at the picture of Doug with his guitar where he looks sound asleep! Then I said, "OH YEAH, what am I supposed to be looking at? Pipes, that's it!"

I remember having mice when we lived in Colorado in a somewhat rural area. They were too smart for the traps I set, no matter how intoxicatingly baited they were! I finally had to resort to poison which I loathe! Sure enough, one of those little buggers died in the floor venting and everytime the furnace blew hot air over it's decaying little mousie body, the smell was, well, it stunk! BLECH!

How do you like that style of heating? I've actually been reading about it in a couple of the cabin magazines I get and am wondering about it for when we build. I'm also checking out solar power as well.


Faith said...

I love your blog! It is so neat to "visit" someone who lives in Alaska. I have always wanted to visit your state and...well....the furthest west i have been is to san franciso Ca and the furthest north I have been is Acadia National Park in Maine...oh wait...I did go to Tornoto once. I just love your posts and I plan on coming back to visit often!! God bless you richly and enjoy the weekend!

Connie Marie said...

Just as a person rises to health persecutions with the help of God, if you had to go through that sort of awful persecution that is when the Holy Spirit would comfort and strengthen you. I have answered that same question of "what would I have done if.." We are so blessed to have such a power from God residing with us, "He will never leave us nor forsake us." And if it comes to it, He will give us the right words to say in those situations.

The infloor heating is very nice! On those frosty cold days it feels so good! We have found that the place we installed the thermostat (close to the wood stove) has caused the floor heat to turn off completely at times. So if you plan to have wood heat or anything like that and still want your floors in other rooms to remain heated, consider putting the thermostat in a place away from your secondary heat source.

I saw live mouse traps at the store and thought, those would not work! We they would catch the mouse, and then one is supposed to take it outside and carefully open the box so that the mouse can run free --- free to run back inside your home at the point of invasion again! ha

Hi Faith,

I am glad that you came to visit me, it's always fun to meet new readers. Thanks.

e-Mom said...

My husband is fond of gently reminding me that "things break." He knows that if it's mechanical, it will break down sometime. I'm so blessed he's a handy sort of guy, and keeps things running smoothly around our house... most of the time. :~D

As Americans we have a difficult time imagining what true persecution really is. We are so blessed to live in this country! I say that with all sincerity, as a naturalized American citizen.

Thanks for reminding us that there are many who suffer mightily around the world for their Christian faith.

Have a blessed weekend!