Sunday, November 18, 2007


It is good to have a friend ---to be considered a friend, that's even better.

Once upon a time...

I had a "best friend."

I enjoyed her company so much. We talked and laughed about life. We shared things dear to our hearts. As time went on, I heard that she had been saying untruths about me. This was something I never, ever considered would be done by her. When it got back to me, my heart was stunned. I am still a friend to her to this day, but never best...

While my daughters grew up and were dealing with friendship issues I advised them all that this best friend stuff is only a myth. It's best to be friends to all, than to think of one someone special as your very own best friend. (I spoke from experience!) Better yet - cultivate friendships with your sisters and your brothers. Whatever you do ---or don't do, they will always be there for you, or should be! [knuckle bumps on top yer head if you don't]

This past summer my grand-daughter Ashlee cried into my shoulder, "She took my best friend away from me." Awww, there was that phrase back again in our families lower ranks. How would I explain to her that if her "best friend" could be taken away so easily - was she truly her best friend at all? So young, and already having friendship ouchies. I could only hug her and console her, "You just keep on being a good friend, Babe."

I am blessed to have growing friendships with my daughters and sons, and my daughters husbands and my sons wife. One of my daughter-friends I have been really missing while she's been away. Thank heavens for phones to laugh and cry into when we are apart! It is an incredible blessing when families can remain close and share life's ups and downs when they come along. This makes families the best and my family is one of the BEST, and that is no myth!

Whenever I think of the people
who have made a real difference in my life,
I think of the person I can talk to,
really open my heart to,
because she understands me...
And I think of the person
I have fun with,
just doing whatever, whenever,
because we have fun being together...
I think of the person I can count on,
the one that I turn to so often,
because I know she'll never let me down...
And I think of the person who inspires me,
who always can keep me believing in me
because she does...
And whenever I think
of these wonderful people
and all that they've given to me,
I know how lucky and blessed I have been... have found all of them in you, Mom.

Written by Karen Ravn

Thank you, My Marie friend. The card is beautiful.

Oh, BTW, Dad got his! LOL! (Happy birthday and all that CRAP!)


Marie VW said...

What a sweet blog Mom. I miss you a lot! And I love you so much!

Faith said...

THis was a nice post!
I always tell my daughters that my "best" friend is Jesus...there is NO one like Him!

Connie Marie said...

Marie, you know I miss you!

Faith, you are so right - Jesus is our very best friend. The talking He does about us is to His Father - interceding.

e-Mom said...

I've never been betrayed by a "best girlfriend" but I can imagine the pain. I'm so sorry for little Ashlee. I had my heart broken by a boy a time or two. :~D Jesus hurts when we hurt... that's the best comfort I know.

Yes, praise God for loving daughters. What a blessing! Hugs.


Wonderfully sweet post.

I wanted to say that I wish you and your family a very HAPPY THANKSGIVING. I am thankful that I count you as my friend. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

e-Mom, you are blessed to have picked such faithful best friends. HUGs

Connie from Texas, I am thankful to have met you and all those that come by this blog and share. The internet is such a great way to share our hearts and yours is always appreciated. I'm coming to your blog and wishing you the best turkey day too! HUGs