Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What A Beautiful Morning

Even if it's a cold one, it is truly a beautiful land. I know I say that a lot but that is all I can say each morning I go outdoors.

This morning is a bit chilly here and we were out of wood. I got on the 4 wheeler and rode around the property in search of logs that would fit into the stove. I did find some wood. (It might be rotten wood which Doug would not put into the stove.) We did not stock up on wood for the winter. Looks like this winter we will be going out for a ride to bring home wood enough for two or so weeks at a time. I love it. It is a great outing for couples. I love it when Doug and I can do this together.

"This is the day that the LORD has made, we will rejoice and be glad in it."

My Mom is here. I love how she always has a verse from God's word to say throughout the day and something for every conversation. She sprinkles the days conversations with Truth. I love her faith in God and her fear (reverence) of God. We do not see that enough these days.

I set up my old computer for her to use for playing games. It is faster than the old computer that we had set up in the kitchen. I disconnected the old one then hauled my homebuilt down for her. She is enjoying it. She has an account at but whenever I see her playing her game she has Window XP's Spider Solitaire opened up. Then she wonders out loud, "How come the nice rain sounds are not playing?" :-) Mom doesn't just play games she also began reading one of Don Richardson's books, "Lords of the Earth."

Since 1974 Don Richardson has been authoring and promoting books, videos, and a DVD that demonstrate how the message of Jesus can be proclaimed with cross-cultural sensitivity to non-Christians worldwide. Go here to read more.

I plan to order his newest books which I have not read yet. "Secrets of the Koran" and "Stars, Sand, and Dust."

Mom has a pacemaker and has to have regular checkups for that. It was amazing to me to know that she can have this all taken care of over the phone! Medical technologies are amazing now. The medical clinic that tests to make sure she is pacing well called my brothers house and were looking for her. She has been going here and there, forgetting her equipment and this morning she has missed her check-up date.

Mom is considering making my home her home too. She is welcome here with us and I am trying to get her to believe that. She loves The Lake but she misses "home." Her home is not a safe place for her at times so she has to leave and go "visiting." I pray that soon she will settle in and call my home her home base. She is free to travel here and there but to make this house a comfort to her in her old age is my goal. I want to hear her say someday that she wanted to "come home." She helps me around the house too. Sometimes I see her dusting, sometimes watering my many plants. I love it when she is "home."

Did you watch the story on television news about the man I mentioned before, Eric Weihanmayer, the blind mountain climber, marathon runner, long-distance biker, and even a acrobatic skydiver, demonstrated how scientists are using computers and the tongue to help the blind to see? How incredible! Here is another story of the same thing. "Your Tongue Can See."

We have not had any snow on the ground yet but it is cold enough for snow now. The snow on the mountain tops is almost halfway down. The trees are about all bare. I took Mom on a 4 wheel ride yesterday and we saw bear tracks across the lake from home. :-)

Hope you have a beary happy day.


e-Mom said...

Chock full! This post is full of so many wonderful things... your Mom with her Scripture verses, gathering firewood as a "date," and tongues that can see. I'll have to check out the latter right now. I'm off to click! Have a blessed day. Hugs, e-Mom

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF!

It sounds idyllic, going out with your hubby and looking for firewood. I could see dave & I doing that after we've moved out west. It's only getting up into the 80's now so the mornings are really nice. I will probably begin walking again after the sun comes up.

My Mom's pacemaker is like your Mom's, taking readings over the phone. Isn't that something?! Having your Mom there with you sounds so nice. I've already let my Mom know that if something happens to Pop, she has a home with us. I love her use of Scripture like you described. She sounds like a warm and wonderful lady! Please tell her howdy from me!

Sending hugs and an extra one for her,

mrsjojo said...

What a blessing you and your mom are to each other!
You must have fun riding the 4 wheeler with her-I can just see you riding around-what fun!

Connie Marie said...

I hope you enjoyed the trip to tongues and seeing. It was interesting to me.

I hope that someday you will get the priviledge of having your Mom close-by. It is sweet, especially when you have the same Lord and Savior, as you do. I will be sure and tell her you said "howdy," I already shared that your Mom also lives with a pacemaker.

It is fun. I worry that she is cold but whenever I ask her she says, "NO!" Okay. So we go and when I get her back home her face is all chilled, but she is so happy. She loves the rides. I don't go fast, gives her time to enjoy God's Creation too. We say reds in the creek and that was exciting for her. When we got ready to ride again she asked if we were going to check on the salmon again, so we did.

HUGs to you all.

Anonymous said...

Wondering if your mom might be Vera Shugak by chance. Life sounds fascinating for you, I wish you all the best!