Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Messy or Creative?

I was inspired to share a picture of my office - even if it is in complete disarray this morning. I was visiting "Slimpickins' from my Brain" and after commenting on her office (which is beautiful and so clean!) I decided that I would share where I blog from too. I was going to clean up first but... here it is in all of it's non-glory!

A messy office is a sign of a creative mind."

I prefer to be considered creative but, some would say I am just messy. I am comfortable with where I am in that respect now that I am an ol' Grammaloo. [attempting to justify laziness] I try to cultivate the better things like kindness, hospitality, love, longsuffering, you know? And to be encouraging --- attributes such as that are much more worthy than organization, aren't they? [attempt to convince others of self-declared goodness]

Oh, okay!!!! I confess, I am a messy! [Admits to obvious failure.]

As you can see, my office is not all that organized and in my efforts to share online I dig out books, write down my thoughts while I am reading and anything that I find worthy of sharing I will try to jot down. In the process, I begin to collect bits and pieces of paper, pens and tape, post it notes, books, clippings along the way to my office. This all gets piled up around me and stays there. Occasionally I need to gather up the coffee mugs in here. I will get some coffee, get absorbed in what I am reading, coffee gets cold, I don't want it. I go downstairs to check on Chewy or the family and then bring up another cup of coffee which then gets cold and I don't want it. Eventually, I wonder "where's my favorite mug???" (I have many favorites.)

The most habitual cleaning I do in here is on vacuuming day (no, not scheduled). On an almost daily basis I do use my Dust Remover to blow the dust off of my keyboard. That cleaning is normally done after I have been thinking and happened to stare down at the keyboard and see something on it that shouldn't be there.

I have been working on the "I don't feel like it but I will do it anyway" motto, but that is working only on the first floor so far. I have to step up the program to the second floor!

Remember to think about God today - and praise Him!

OH! I almost forgot.....


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Constance said...

How fun to see where your creative juices flow! I was horrified after I posted the picture and then enlarged it. I could see all of the dust behind the computer that never gets dusted! Squeegy, the Amazing Cockatiel reigns supreme over his surroundings here in the "fromer" dining room/computer room. The dander from his feathers floats around out here and drives me crazy! I would like to have a real office for the computer, where all of the bookcases are in the same room for doing just what you mentioned, getting up and researching something. Just remember the saying I mentioned before,
"Organized people are just too lazy to get up and look for it!"