Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Making UAA Look -- HANDSOME!

Our son Klinton was featured in a University of Anchorage Alaska publication. I saw it at church Sunday when Kim Blomstrum came over to give the newsletter to Klint, but I saw it first so I got it. Anyway, here it is online!

UAA Accolades Fall 2007. Scroll down to page three.

Picture of Klint (middle) with his riding buddies Kris and Tony.

We are proud of Klint and how he has worked his way through college. Keeping focused on doing well at school, his wife, his relationship with the Lord the whole time also working a job between classes. He now has a job that he is enjoying too.

He would like to pursue a masters degree too - I don't doubt at all that he will get that done too!

Well done, Klint!


Your Son, Klint said...

Aw, thanks Ma! Thank you for your kind words and encouragement! You are always such a blessing. Love you Mom!

Connie Marie said...

:-) for you, Klinton.

Constance said...

Connie! He's gorgeous!!!! He really is a handsome man! If you're reading this Klint, well what can I say?
I can see why you're a proud mamma!