Monday, October 08, 2007

It's A Flaw-Flaw World

My son Kris had something horrible happen to his car while driving back from Anchorage and an evening class there. The car went up in smoke! What was left after he tried hard to save it was not something that could be fixed over the weekend. He needed to get to classes on Monday again so in order to fix that problem he had to use up his savings to make a purchase he was not planning on - a used truck.

Flawed engines.
Flawed relationships.
Flawed ideas of God.
Flawed goals in life.
Flawed bodies.
Flawed information.
Flawed computers!

It's just part of this ol' life to have to fix what this cursed world brings each day, week, month, year.

In spite of all that flaw-flaw, I have great news today. I figured out how to fix the problem I mentioned before. I have been using Firefox's browser since the trouble with IE. I downloaded IE 7, then removed the old IE and then reinstalled IE7. That did absolutely nothing to get rid of my troubles.

In frustration I refused to deal with it anymore. Until this morning - I ACCIDENTLY opened the internet with IE7 and there was the problem again - a fully loaded page that was blank. I thought, oh yes - this problem. As I sat there I saw that the Runonce page for IE was up again but blank. I saw the URL ended with .aspx

ASPX! I thought now there is a place to begin a study.

I went to Google and read then ended up learning that sometimes and for some reason that only a computer guru would know... dll's will get corrupted or they will need to be REregistered. All that I had to do was go to Start, Run and type in regsvr32 jscript.dll, click OK and after that type in regsvr32 vbscript.dll and click OK. Information was found at Microsoft.

The problems are fixed! Everything works. The webpage opens completely. System Restore opens completely. Search opens completely. Windows Media opens completely. Help opens completely. Dell Support opens completely. Windows Update opens completely. I am completely happy about this! I didn't even have to go so drastic as to wipe my hard drive. Thank goodness!

Here are pictures of the Camaro. :-(


e-Mom said...

Woohoo, you solved your computer glitch! PTL.

Yes, my husband is fond of stating in a matter-of-fact way, "Things break" (as I'm throwing up my hands in frustration). Fortunately, he's good at fixing things.

Those photos of Kris's burned car are unreal. Poor guy. Hugs, e-Mom

BIKE NUT 2 said...

Sorry to see your sons car in so bad of shape. I've seen a few vehicles like that in my line of work and they are pretty much toast in every sense of the word. Hope he wasn't injured when that happened.

Nick VanWingerden said...

Oh man, Chris's car looks bad. Hope he is not burned or anything. What kind of truck did he get?

How are you all doing up in AK! Miss you guys!

Connie Marie said...

e-mom, bike nut and Nick!

Kris didn't get "burned or anything." He was happy to have rescued his text books and a few other personal things before the fire was too far along to do anything else. He could not save his stereo but he did try.

He found a good deal on a 1999 Chevy Tahoe. He is happy to have 4 wheel drive going into the winter. Last year several times I was not sure he would make it out of our long and winding, snowy or snow drifted drive. :-)

Great to hear from you all.

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF!

I've been away and your blog was the first I checked! I actually read it last night but waited to comment until today.

The fire looks bad, you can see where the car is melting! Yesterday, coming through Oklahoma City we came acrtoss a horrible accident! It happened just a couple of minutes before us. There were 7 response vehicles involved! We were in the southbound lanes and apparently in the northbound lanes, someone in an Explorer/Expedition tried to pass lanes. They clipped a Taurus sending it across the median where it flipped and was upside down in our fast lane. It looked really bad! We were subdued after that, saying a prayer for those involved.

Glad however tos ee that you are up to speed once again!

Catch you later!

Marie VW said...


I'm glad it didn't happen while Kris was driving. I'm glad that he is fine. I'm glad the unexpected expense is a truck and not hospital bills!

Connie Marie said...

So good to see you are back to our blogworld, BBF, and safely too. I don't like seeing horrible accidents and I always hope that these people do themselves have hope in Jesus Christ.

Marie, we are glad he was not hurt too. It is a set back for sure but in a way it also is good. Crazy to say but sometimes that is how things go. Just like the Big Lake fire, we lost the cabin but I really love the cabin that's in it's place now.

God's blessings on each of you today.