Monday, October 29, 2007

I Don't Feel Like It

Many times I just don't feel like doing some things that I should do. I know I am like every other person out there. I want to be faithful to those places that make me myself. A wife. Mom. Sister. Daughter. Grandmother. These are my physical responsibilities. I also have a responsibility to the spiritual. I am a Believer. An heir! A child of God. I am a warrior in the unseen spiritual world.

Sometimes I can be found shirking any one of these responsibilites just because... I don't feel like it. Todays Our Daily Bread devotional was about that. I read the scripture in Matthew 21 and learned that there are two ways people respond to the Truth = Jesus Christ is God's Son. Jesus told the chief priests and the elders that the tax collectors and the harlots believed John, but they did not.

The chief priests and the elders in those days were a very successful bunch that had spent their lives being holy. I can imagine how they probably appeared. They were probably similar to the priests in the Russian Orthodox church that I grew up in - revered by the people around them. These chief priests/pharisees did everything related to God - right. They followed the letter of the law to the minutest details. Yet, they didn't even recognize God's Son. The difference between the harlots and tax collectors and the chief priests and the elders was in their decisions to believe that Jesus Christ was who He said that He was or not to believe. Believe and be saved or disbelief and be filled with anger.

Jesus told them the truth about how they didn't believe John the Baptist and they didn't believe Jesus Christ even though He came and performed miracles before them. Things only God could do! Now that is pretty blind! But I don't think I would have done any differently if I was busy trusting in my own goodness. In order to be saved, we have to believe that we have a need to be saved from something and if we are already feeling pretty holy or good without Jesus Christ, why should one even need a Savior? Don't believe that lie, we can never be holy enough to stand before the piercing eyes of God Himself. He will probe deep into our hearts and what He finds is "DESPERATELY WICKED!" If we are quiet enough to stand alone in God's presence, we would all agree - there is nothing about us that is holy enough apart from Jesus Christ.

"I don't feel like it - but I will do it anyway." I think I want to put that up in my kitchen where many times I shirk my responsibility to cook and clean! How about that bathroom? These are my jobs and many times I don't want to but I will ask for grace to do them until I can't do them!

Yesterday was our family singing night. It is getting more organized every week! Yesterday Doug set up a microphone so that we can have a loud enough leader. He is kindly soft-spoken and yet I want to hear him lead his family on this night. We had a beautiful time of singing. The kids love the motion songs and enter enthusiastically when we get to "Only A Boy Named David," "Zachias," "Hallelu, Hallelu, Praise Ye the Lord!" I make sure we keep our time to one hour exactly so that they are not overwhelmed since we ask that they all are quiet, and respectful. Little Gunner comes and he does not quite like to have to conform to this rigid time so he folds his arms and scowls at Gramma, but after the singing is happening and the kids are motioning, he is so happy. So their lives of standing up to their shortcomings begins and I love how they are all rising to the occasion. Someday I will capture them on video. I got this afterwards video to share today.



I loved it, I just loved it. I loved the post and I loved the video. It reminded me so much of our family except our family for the most part is older now, but I remember those days also. Thank you for sharing that with me. I wish we could all be there to sing with you all. It would be great. Have a good week. connie from Texas

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF!

Thanks for sharing your precious family with us! I;m reminded of how it says in Exodus we are to train our children. Didn't they also tie God's Word to their clothing as a reminder? I'll settle for a tee-shirt! Ha ha!

I think I will copy you and make that same sign for my kitchen! I already ahve 2 4x6 notecards taped inside the pantry door. One says,

"Organized people are just to lazy to go look for it!"

The other says,
"I've tried taking things one day at a time but lately, several days have attacked me all at once!"


Connie Marie said...

My parents moved from the village of Old Harbor and Dad was a new Christian and loved to sing too and he asked a few of the ministers in the area if they would be willing to come to his house and give a short devotional on Monday evenings after we had a time of singing. Every Monday night we made coffee for our guest and usually baked something then we sang and had coffee together. Soon there were other families coming for this evening of singing. This bloomed into what is now Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship. Always exciting to think of what God will visit and bless. We would love to have your family singing with us Connie from Texas and yours too BBF. Maybe someday!

I have not hung the quote up on my wall yet, .... I just don't feel like it! ha