Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Did It Again!

Woke up early and began playing around with the blog. Now the colors are all different! Dark to go with my darker nights up here.

We have a dusting of snow this morning and the Christmas tunes are in the iPod!

I like listening to the story of Jesus Christ coming as a Babe. He is my willing Savior.


Constance said...

Good Morning!
I have to say, I opened your blog and at first thought I had clicked on someone else's! I REALLY like it though! I think the color scheme is very pleasing to the eye. One of the blogs I visit daily is difficult to read becasue she has a dark background and then her journaling is in black. I have to click and drag over it just to read it! I was in the mood to listen to Christmas music the other day while I was shopping. I saw where Michael W. Smith has a new Christmas CD coming out soon! Yippeee!!!
Love ya BBF,

Connie Marie said...

It's morning again BBF and I should be sleeping but instead I was doing some reading on rehab for patients like Millie. I saw her today and I just don't think she is getting the care she should be. There is concern for her feeding tube and if a continual feed is necessary. It goes day and night and the family feels that she needs to be put on a more normal schedule. (time to get hungry between meals)

Anyway, I just wanted to see what others were doing out in the world for their own loved ones that are in the same sort of situation. So, I've been reading. :-(


I love your new blog look it looks happier like you. Have a great week,my friend. connie from Texas

Connie Marie said...

Same to you Thoughtful Connie! I hope you have a very good week and one with less pain too.