Thursday, October 04, 2007

Computer Glitches

Oh big tired sigh.

Computers can be such a challenge to someone that is not computer technology smart.

This trouble began with not being able to see the latest posts here at Blogger. Probably has nothing to do with the newest problem though. The new post trouble seemed to resolve itself. While online I got a message pop up on my screen, Click to begin Norton virus scanner trial download. I don't know where that came from but it hinted that I had a potential problem on my computer.

I'd been having problems so I was easily persuaded. I clicked OK, just because. It disappeared. Maybe that was just some kind of an ad? I don't know. I went to play at and quite a while later another message appeared "Norton is now scanning your system." OH! Okay. Finally - Norton has found two trojans!


Where did I pick up trojans? They were found in the java folders and the trojan is called Trojan.ByteVerify. Two of them. I tried to do a scan with my own scanner and I got a message saying Windows Security detects that your virus scanner is out of date! Click here for recommendations.

Out of date???

I went online to try see what I could do about that. I could not figure out the virus scanner plan which I am eligible for through Doug's workplace. I called Doug at work and he said he would bring the file home on his Flash drive and that I could install it that way rather than take up more bandwidth downloading the new version. (We've been getting messages from our ISP that we are very close to going over our alloted bandwidth.) I don't know how long I've been without protection!

Meanwhile, I go to Trend Micro Housecall, a free online virus and spyware scanner. They scanned my whole system. Their scan didn't find any trojans.

I go to sign in at several places that require a profile id password. This does not work with IE. I cannot see drop down menus, I cannot completely load some websites.

Doug brought the new updated virus scanner to me. I began to install it. Network Enterprise which is owned by McAfee says, you need to remove your old antivirus completely. Oh dear! That is a problem because somewhere along the line that old program stopped working and would not even show up in my system tray anymore. I checked Add/Remove Programs, nothing! No Network Associates, but I can see the program files in folders, so it is still on my computer.

I decided to remove the files manually from the registry. I open the registry and began deleting files. Anything that said Network Associates in the line got deleted. Then I restarted. Installed the new updated scanner and ran it for the first time and it did find the two trojans!

I can't get some applications to load completely. For instance, if I go to Start, All Programs, Accessories, System Tools, System Restore - the restore program begins to open and then just sits there blank. If I go to Start, Search, I see the little dog come over wagging his tail but there isn't any text, no boxes to enter a search, nothing. Just a cute dog sitting there wagging his tail. :-) He makes me smile.

This is what I have been dealing with.

Anyone have any ideas how I can possibly remedy this problem? I can't do a restore even though I had System Restore running because I can't get it to start.

I always said my computer seems to have a mind of it's own - maybe it will fix itself!

I read up on Trojan.ByteVerify. It is found in the Java directory. If you use Java's Virtual Machine to do whatever java needs to do, and don't use the Microsoft's Virtual Machine that comes with Windows, Sun Microsystems claims that you should not have a problem with it. If you do use Windows Virtual Machine, then this trojan will be detrimental to your system.

I don't understand people that create such nuisances, why do they do it? Wouldn't it be better if they used all their smarts to create some kind of program that people could benefit from and become famous for that? These hidden trojans and stuff they create and what do they accomplish? Nothing but having to hide in the shadows and quietly snicker to themselves for having done it? Strange. Maybe whatever they get out of it is worth it to them but for me, it has ruined several days of what could have been computer fun!

Anyway, I have been into my registry and that is someplace I am not really smart enough to be. I have also been playing games online and I am wondering if that is someplace I should not go. :-(

I do not want to do a complete wipe and reinstall of my Operating System. A computer tech told us that people should just figure to use their computers for two years then wipe it and reinstall the OS. He said our computers get full of stuff and will begin having all sorts of strange troubles. Maybe it's time for this computer to be flushed.

Meanwhile, Tucker had his seventh birthday.

And a new picture of my oldest granddaughter Alexis Dustene and my youngest Raegan Mae. :-)


Constance said...

I don't know girlfriend, you sound pretty tech savvy to me! I just call my 2 son-in-laws, both are computer gurus and usually can tell Dave what's going on. On top of that Dave's brother Perry is real hi-tech as is our good frined Randy down here who does this stuff for a living. I like the pictures of your grandkiddos! Too cute! It's getting closer to Miss Raegan's 1st birthday isn't it?

Connie Marie said...

I wish I had books for this system, then I can do things with savvy! Right now I am doing things by guess and by golly!

She will be one year already in January. I still have Hawaii to look forward to before then! We plan to travel there in December.



As you well know, I know nothing about computers. I lost my food blog one day last week and it hasn't come back yet. Will It? I doubt it but I am waiting another week anyway.

Your Grandbabies are just beautiful. I know you must love them very much. I know I sure do mine. Have a wonderful day, inspite of the problems with your computer. connie from Texas

Constance said...

OOOHHHH. Hawaii! I didn't realize! When is your "escape date"?

mrsjojo said...

I SURE HOPE you get your computer problems solved real soon! With all your computer savvy, I'm sure it will be fixed in no time.

DARLING grandkids!! Raegan is a little doll.

WOW! Hawaii in Dec! That will be heavenly. Jim promised me that he would take me there again. I think I would like to take a cruise through all of the islands the next time.

Get the computer fixed now. (I think I owe you an e-mail) :)

Marie VW said...

Such cute pictures!! Oh I miss everyone! Raegan looks so big!

Connie Marie said...

Yes she is getting big. She is crawling now. She picks up whatever she can find on the floor and chews on it, does not swallow it, just chews on it like she has a mouthful of teeth, ha!
We all miss you too!