Thursday, September 13, 2007

What Is Beauty?

"Why do I feel so important when I'm not? Nothing is important and everything is important. I do not know why I am here but I am glad that I am. I'd rather be here than not. I am going to die and I want to live forever, I can't escape that fact, and I can't let go of that desire." - Damien Hirst

8,601 diamonds cover Mr. Hirst's platinum replica of a human skull. His artwork (?) named "For The Love Of God" includes a 52 carat pear shaped diamond. Mr. Hirst bought a human skull from a taxidermy shop. Truely, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." If I had one, I would not want to set this on my fireplace mantel or even a grand piano!

I'd probably never have heard of Damien Hurst except that I read A Slice Of Infinity which comes regularly to me via email and Amy Orr-Ewing used his above quote, so I looked him up. Orr-Ewing writes for the Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. I've mentioned this organization before. Ravi is a very good speaker!

According the Damien Hirst's art projects dwell on death. Hirst's life included drugs and mayhem, after the death of a musician friend Joe Strummer he says "It was the first time I felt mortal."

My Mom came to visit and we are having a good time together. We will be doing some artwork too! Nothing on death, but life! I picked up a couple of paint-by-number kits and am looking forward to doing that together with her. She will paint the dogs and I will paint the horses and hope we will end up with something... beautiful.

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Constance said...

Good Morning BBF,

I'm sure having a diamond encrusted skull on your mantle or coffee table would be a conversation starter! Ha ha!

In remember those painting kits from when I was a kid. I always started out with high expectations and ended up with globs of paint and distorted looking animals.

Maybe now that I'm older and have more patience I could make something that actually looked realistic. Of course my eyesight ain't what it used to be so I'd still end up with "Mutant Art"!

Please tell your Mom "Howdy" from Texas!