Friday, September 07, 2007

I'm A Golden Retriever ...Or?


Hey. What's up? You're laid back and loyal just as happy chilling on the couch as you are flinging a Frisbee around in the park. Your brain is as busy as your body, and oh those soulful eyes! Just don't let your trademark sweetness make you settle for being anyone's underdog, 'cause you deserve to be at the head of any pack.

Haha. That was my first result, let's see if I change the options to ones that I could not decide was more me than the others.

Here is the second result and there were new questions! This was fun, try it.


Helloooo? Earth to you! You forget people's names, where you left your keys, and sitting through subtitles? Not so much. But you're no dumb pup just a little flighty. On the plus side, you'll never hold grudges and y ou dn't let the small stuff dog you. You also avoid sniffing around anyone else's business, so there's no reason for anyone to come hounding.

Okay, I think you can keep re-taking the test until you are the dog that you wanna be --- but it is fun.

Cute, cute gallery of dog pet pictures. When you are there take a look at "Boo" from Massillon, Ohio. He looks like my dog Chevy. I was told at the dog pound that Chevy was a Malamute and I was surprised! But this dog is a Malamute too and looks so much like Chevy! So I guess my big dog is an ivory colored malamute! How about that. He is not full breed though. His fur is thicker and longer. (This is the first time I am trying Blogger's video feature.) This video is 10 MB and is uploading pretty fast. This video was taken in the spring.

I love my dogs. They are always so happy to see me. Never hold grudges. Every morning is a new day. Never whine when the food is the same as yesterday. Love to go wherever I go --- or sit on the porch if that's what I want to do. Always aware of danger and let me know. (Chewy barked at the garbage bags this morning letting me know that things were not as they should be down the driveway.) I should be such a faithful friend.

Doug sent me a notice that our ISP sent that we were pretty close to over downloading and uploading last month! I do too many videos now that I have learned how to do them! I think after I reach the limit, I he has to pay extra.

Okay, this video upload is taking a very long time.... wondering if this has froze.

....hovering my cursor over Cancel here.

Those interested in how my sister Millie is doing here are some words from my Mom and my brother Don. Mom said that Millie seemed to be bothered and she thought it was because Millie needs to cough but can't quite figure out how to do it yet. She said that Millie looks around more, turning her head while she looks too. Don said that she seemed distressed when they first would get to her room but would settle down after they sat with her for awhile.

Many minutes later...
Can't tell if the video is done, the status bar says it is done, but the goofy little icon is still going round and round. I keep thinking it must be like almost done! I am going downstairs for coffee.

Many, many minutes later...
I sorted through mail, crumpled up catalogs I didn't want, went outside and burned them (probably 45 minutes gone) and still the file has not completed uploading! So I canceled it. Sorry Blogger, that is way too long.

Here it is from YouTube! Fast, easy - not aggravating!



Oh, Connie Marie, I don't know what kind of dog you are but you are a very good friend and this has been great. I love reading your posts.

I am glad Millie seems to be doing better. I keep her in my prayers.

Have a great weekend. I am not able to come by as ofter then hip problem keep popping back up and I can't sit very long at least I am still able to lay down. connie from Texas

Marie VW said...

Nice blog mom, I liked the video of AJ and Chevy. Chevy is so patiently waiting for that piece of hamburger to hit the ground. ha.
Kim and the kids called last night to wish me a Happy Birthday. Ashlee was acting like some kind of pony on speed or something. AJ talked to me while he was in the shower and asked me "so... what you doing there with Matthew?" in an almost big brotherly way. ha.
Alexis just keeps sounding older and older. Hearing from everyone was really great yesterday. (Everyone except Kris... )

Love you Momma.

Connie Marie said...

Thoughtful Connie,

I am sorry to know about your hip being a pain :-) I am happy you made it to my blog now! HUGs


Thanks! Sounds like you had fun with the kids phone call. They are a party where ever they are, even on the phone!

grrr at that 'little brother' of yours!

Big long hug for you!