Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Excuse Me

Our trip to Fairbanks was beautiful. It was marred only by the thought of returning home to a house without Marie. I dreaded it and it was as I imagined to be when I walked into the house with her way down in North Carolina. Very quiet, dark and empty.

So, excuse me while I miss her.

I feel like sandals without a pair of feet. I don't feel much like blogging.

So, because I know she will enjoy seeing these, I am going to share our fall-ish trip home from Fairbanks --- with pictures.

These photographs were taken along the Parks Highway between Fairbanks and home.


Constance said...

I don't think I know, but where is Marie?

The photos are beautiful. I am impatiently waiting for Fall to arive in Texas. It sounds awfully selfish of me, given the wonderful trips I've been able to enjoy this year; but I miss not taking our annual Fall trip out West to enjoy the weather, the colors and the animals! Instead, we went to Yosemite in the Spring so dave could get his waterfall photos. I am going to start decorating this weekend, even if it's still 90 degrees out! So there, take that summer!

Marie VW said...

Love you Momma, I miss you already.

Thanks for the beautiful pictures from home.

Have you been downstairs yet?

Auntielou16 said...

thanks. i'm really liking it so far. i get to dress up and look professional. i love it!

Connie Marie said...


Marie is in NC visiting with Matthew, a friend she met through another friend. He came up to Alaska for a week and met the family and she went down for a week and met his family... now she wants to be in a situation where there is a more natural way to get to know each other on a daily basis. So, yeah! She is gone and I miss her bunches.

Love the note and the beautiful picture on that note card and... the cookies! Thanks for making me go downstairs! Love you!

LST--- or is it SLT, ha!
You might be able to show off all your sewing creations where you work, so maybe if you create SLT's they might just add another line to their clothing... LST's Things!

e-Mom said...

What a neat way to present your photos... looks like you had a lovely trip. Welcome back. Maybe you'll feel more like blogging again soon. Can you tell us more about Marie's budding romance? :~)

Connie Marie said...

:-) e-mom!

I think I will leave that story to Marie for now. We all met Matthew when he traveled to Alaska and he is a kind and pleasant man.