Friday, September 14, 2007


Today Mom is 77.

We are expecting some ladies from her Bible study/prayer group and Karla will be able to make it with her children for sloppy joes.

I asked her, "What kind of cake would you like?" "White cake." "What kind of frosting?" "White, and I would like the cake to have jam between the layers, like you girls used to do when you were young."

So she has a cake with four berry jam between the layers. She wanted sloppy joes too. We will be having that first for a late lunch.

I was talking to my daughter Karla and I said, "Your Gramma is going to be 77." "Wow." "Yeah, two heavenly numbers," I replied. Then I said, "She probably will be having a heavenly year!" Then I thought maybe that is not something we want to say too much. I don't want her going off to heaven just yet!

Her family has been calling in to wish her a great happy day.

Happy birthday, Mom.

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e-Mom said...

I'm enjoying your music!

Have you ever noticed how many sevens there are in the Bible? From our 7-day week, to Daniel's 70 x 7, and all the way through the book of Revelation. Happy 77th Birthday to your Mom!

I have a surprise for you! When you get a chance, come over and take a look. Hugs.