Friday, August 03, 2007

Wish Me Luck - I'm Switching!

I've put off doing this switch because I didn't want to mess with the trouble of losing the links I've created and the way my blog looks today. I decided to give Blogger's new "layout" feature a try so I am going to be messing around with that today. So good bye to how I look and hello to whatever happens! We shall see! I hope it is not a pain in the patoozey to be doing this changing.


edt said...

Looks good so far. Background colours are complementary to your photos. Regards from a gray winters Saturday afternoon in New Zealand.


Connie Marie, I love the look. You did a good job. I had no doubt that you would. You seem to know so much. Congra. and hope you enjoy it. I wanted to let you know that I have not forgotten about the award. I have just had birthdays this month and I have got some what behind. In the next few days I should be getting to it. thank again. connie from texas

Connie Marie said...

Hi edt :-)

I like the new look and the layout feature is very user friendly.
Soon you will be enjoying spring again and we will be into our beautiful fall colors, I have already seen yellows peeking around here and there!

Thanks for the comment, I enjoy hearing from NZ!

Connie Marie said...

Hi Thoughtful Connie,

It wasn't as bothersome as I thought doing the switch would be and now I am glad that I did it.