Monday, August 06, 2007


"Two Windows," painted by Zeny Cieslikowski.

"There is an extraordinary charm in other people's domesticity's." C.S.Lewis.

I ran across a blog of C.S. Lewis quotes. C.S. Lewis, a thinker and thankfully, a writer. His writings, a part of our lives too, here in Big Lake, Alaska. As I read some of "The Window in the Garden Wall" "The Magic of Suburbia," I began to think the following thoughts.

"Every lighted house, seen from the road, is magical: every pram or lawn-mower in someone else's garden: all smells or stirs of cookery from the windows of alien kitchens." C.S.Lewis.

I remember standing in village grass taller than myself, staring at other people's open windows, hearing bits and pieces of conversations. Sometimes the scent of Saturday's Pine Sol could be smelled or the sizzle of frying fish on a hot summer stove could be heard. Loud drunken men or women could be heard and watched as they would walk out a door and stagger down the road. On Sunday's they'd wear their best clothes, shoes and coats and hurry proudly off to church - the bell was ringing in the distance and it was time for church.

Ritualistic obligations. Chores. Cooking. Even worship of God can become a ritual. Something that we should do because ---this is what we are. The awful sin of pride again, coming right around the back side of us and slapping us in the face when we do things with such reasoning - because, this is what we do, this is who we are. Our actions (or inaction) are spiritual windows into the condition of our souls.

I picked up a small booklet "Winning Spiritual Warfare" last evening written by Freedom in Christ Ministries, Neil T. Anderson. I have read his book "The Bondage Breaker" which this booklet takes it's content from.

An illustration Neil uses:

An empty street lined with two-story row houses.
There is nothing in the street, it is clear of any obstructions.
I am at one end of the street.
Jesus Christ is at the other end.
It is my decision to walk towards maturity in Christ, down this long, empty street.

"But since this world is still under the dominion of Satan, the row houses on either side of you are inhabited by beings who are committed to keeping you from reaching your goal. They have no power or authority to block your path or even slow your step, so they hang out of the windows and call to you, hoping to turn your attention away from your goal and disrupt your progress." Neil T. Anderson.

What a vivid picture to one that spent time standing and staring at - windows. I must look up ahead, to the prize at the end of the street!

I visited Millie yesterday, she had her eye on me. Two of her daughters and their families are coming to Alaska and will be visiting with her and enjoying the company of the rest of the family. I know that this will be good for Millie.


Marie VW said...

Wow, what a different look on your page. Like looking into a stranger's window. Just kidding. It looks really nice. And great blog as usual. Love you.

Connie Marie said...

lol @ looking into a strangers window! Thanks Marie. :-)


Windows have always held a lot of interest for me. So much going on, so many families of all kinds. They are very magicial to me. This was a very interesting post. I will soon get to the award you gave me and give some to others. I have gotten behind but I am gradually catching up.Don't give up on me. connie fromTexas

Connie Marie said...

Hi Connie,

I get the same thoughts while driving down the highways. So many people, so many lives, so many, many, many different lives - but all need God, whether they believe He exists or not, sadly many making their "own way" to Him.

Enjoy your life, Thoughtful Connie, things have a way of getting done in their own time. HUGs.

Penless Thoughts said...

Not familiar with this Neil Anderson but that is a wonderful quote. Oh so true.

Connie Marie said...

Thanks for visiting my blog, Susan.

Bondage Breaker was a good read, speaking to those struggling to be freed from spiritual bondage. Lots of bondage is unrealized. N. Anderson teaches of the victories we have through Jesus Christ; no longer do we need to remain powerless under the awful influences of evil ones. Some of us need to be taught that. I was in bondage to incredible fear before I took the step of RESISTING the evil ones. I thank the Lord for bringing the knowledge of His freedom to me.

Yes, it is a very good quote.