Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Seward Highway - Soldotna to Anchorage

We went down to Soldotna last weekend for MX at Twin Cities Raceway. Kim got her very first trophy, Ashlee (6 yrs) won First place in all of her Motos and AJ (5 yrs) raced for the first time!

We had sunshine and it was beautiful.

By the time we started for home, we just wanted to get home so I took these pictures from the window of our truck. It was actually kind of fun and kind of funny!

Reminded me of the days when Doug never wanted to stop for the kids when they called out that they REALLY have to go to the bathroom! REALLY!!!! Then Doug would say, "But then we will have to pass all the guys that I just passed - again!"

I am getting an error message trying to post this file from but they say, just post it anyway... Okay I am going to do that and see if it shows up.

I went to see Mil with my sister Kotya and she lifted up her head, opened her eyes and looked around at us a bit. :-) She's been hospitalized for 232 days now. Just gotta show you a picture of her. I just took this a couple of days ago.


Constance said...

Thanks for the picture of Millie, she's looking better! I often wonder what she's thinking as she's been lying there for so long? I'm sure everyone is anxious for her to be like her usual self again. God is near...

PS Doug sounds like Dave!

mrsjojo said...

Thanks for the post on Millie. She is so blessed to have such a wonderful loving family! I will be seeing her soon.

Connie Marie said...

Connie and Jo,

Millie does look good lately. She ran a slight fever for a day or so but it came right back down. She sounds as though she needs to have a good deep cough but does not know quite how to do that yet.

Millie got to have all of her kids with her last week. I didn't get to see them but heard that her room was filled to overflowing.

We wonder too where her thoughts are, Connie. What a great verses in Psalms 139. "O Lord, You have searched me and known me. You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought afar off..."