Saturday, August 04, 2007


We stopped by Taco Bell for dinner on the way home from Anchorage one day and I just could not believe the change removing a landmark makes not only in Wasilla but also in my heart.

This is the face of progress. This is all that remains of our Cottonwood Creek Mall! In it's day (which was not that long ago.) this was the mall where everything happened in the Valley. At center court I saw school choirs, breakdancing, rabbits, antique models, crafts, dancing recitals!

When this mall opened it was great for us. Before this mall we were sorely deprived of shopping options. We paid top dollar for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, if we didn't make the drive into Anchorage. I was so happy when this place was built. We could actually do our school shopping in the Valley!

Now we have Walmart, Fred Meyers, Home Depot, Lowe's, even shoe stores and coming to this spot will be Target.

I am happy for progress --- but seeing this place getting torn down left a kind of strange feeling in me. Does progress mean ruin?

Thanks for the memories - Cottonwood Creek Mall - I will always remember you.


Fernando Olmos said...

I believe spending some time in Alaska must be one of the hardest and coolest , literally, experiences in the whole life.
I hope to visit there anytime.

My cheers,
Visit me.

Connie Marie said...

Hi Fernando,

Yes, Alaska can be hard - to live here and it is definitely cold in the winter but it is beautiful too. It is my home and we all love home. I hope you can visit Alaska someday too, to enjoy all the scenery we see most every day.

I hope you visit again.

Fernando Olmos said...

My real thanks... maybe u'r right.

Let's keep posting...

I hope u understand what i say...