Thursday, August 30, 2007


Thanks to Kotya for this picture of our Mom.

Mom came to church last week and we took her with us out for breakfast then we gave her a ride home. When I got home I saw she left the newest Our Daily Bread in the back seat. This little devotional book has always been a personal favorite but recently I have not read with it. I have been reading repeatedly through the Gospel of John.

I brought this little devotional book with me on a trip into Anchorage for motocross. Sunday morning as the bunch got themselves ready for racing I sat down and read what I thought was in the right month but I was a month ahead and I read September 26.

From the devotional titled "Jesus Sets Us Free."

"I was bound by the iron chain of my own will. I was rather an unwilling sufferer than a willing actor. And yet it was through me that habit had become an armed enemy against me, because I had willingly come to be what I unwillingly found myself to be."
- Augustine (Theologian AD 354-430)

So, the grip of evil has been with us since the beginning and this quote sounds just like it could have been written now!

I like this other quote by Augustine that is evidence of his spiritual growth:

"Thank you, Lord, for granting me the power to will my self not to sin."

We will be hustling off to Fairbanks for one last State motocross hurrah. Anchorage will be hosting a fall series for motocross racing in September and then winter sets in.

Have a great weekend!

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Constance said...

Have fun BBF! I look forward to hearing about your weekend! Cute pic of your Mom!