Thursday, August 16, 2007

New Poll

I am trying out the new Poll feature here at Blogger, please participate! Only six days are allowed for this poll, so vote now. It's fast and it's easy!

Have you visited Alaska?

I've said this before: "I was born here, grew up here, live here and will probably die here, but afterwards... I plan to live forever!"

I was born in Old Harbor on Kodiak Island. (Link goes to a picture of Old Harbor on Old Harbor remains a small village in a gorgeous spot. I love the ocean but my home is not near the ocean. We do get to the ocean whenever we can. I love getting near the ocean in Hawaii too! (Link goes to David Frazier's Photolibrary.)

I spent my growing up years in Old Harbor with four brothers and five sisters. I now live in South-Central Alaska, in the beautiful Matanuska Valley. (Link goes to Lloyd Photography, beautiful pictures!)

Yep, I plan to live forever afterwards, because I believe - for I've heard and read that

"For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes should not perish, but have everlasting life."


Constance said...

I have not visited Alaska, yet. It is a definite destination spot for us to go to! We're thinking possibly our 25th anniversary in 2011.

It has fascinated me ever since I was a kid and watched "North To Alaska" with John Wayne. I'm sure that the movie was a total misrepresentation of the Last Frontier State!

When we go, I want money to be no object, I want to do whatever we want because we might only get to do that once!

I'm with you sister, I'm gonna live forever too! God settled that debt a LONG time ago!

Connie (Your Texas bloggy friend!)

Constance said...

PS It wouldn't process my request. Boo-hoo

Shi ish ti' said...

Yeh'et'eeh from Navajo Country!
I was just surfing the web and got into reading 'Jill's Artic Biking..' and followed a link here.
I'm in Central Arizona would love to visit Alaska and visit some of the natives out that way. I hear that our language is very similiar to each other and can understand some of it! Thanks for sharing Alaska to some of us that hardly see snow anymore!

Shi Keyah
(My World)

Connie Marie said...


Good idea about saving $$$$. Sorry to say but cost can be an obstacle to enjoying this beautiful State.

The poll would not process your vote? (I see two votes.) Maybe this poll is slow?

Connie Marie said...

Camai'i Shi Keyah,

Thank you for coming to see my blog. I believe that I've heard the language that is close to Navaho is our Alaskan Indians, Athabascan, Tlinget, Haida, etc.

I hope that you make it up to visit Alaska and get to know them and maybe see some s**w!!!! :-)

Penless Thoughts said...

I loved participating in your poll. We drove up. We spent the entire month of July, 1997 in Alaska and loved it!!!

Connie Marie said...

Hi Susan,

It looks like Blogger Polls have a lot of bugs to work out yet (I see at this moment it is not working).

That is cool that you were blessed to spend an extended amount of time here ---and I know the drive would have been gorgeous!

Thanks for stopping. :-)

mrsjojo said...

I've been there with my hubby saying, "No, we can't stop for photo taking, I'd have to pass all those people again". So needless to say, I've missed many beautiful photo opportunities. But, we have been ahead of the pack!!!

Thanks for sharing the beautiful photos. The Kenai Peninsula is soooo beautiful.