Thursday, August 09, 2007

From My World To Yours

"O for thanksgiving for every heartbeat and a song for every breath!"
I am so happy that Doug fixed our lawn mower! The weeds have been trimmed and the yard is so beautiful!

May God bless your weekend with thanksgiving and songs!
See you next week!


Auntielou16 said...

Well i let my brother take my digital camera on vacation which i'd love to see him using it because it's bright

Auntielou16 said...

oh and i didn't move out. I've had the house to myself for the past three weeks so it's like living on my own. kind of a trial run and i don't like here all by myself. it's rather

e-Mom said...

Absolutely gorgeous photos! Really stunning, Connie Marie. You have a lovely world. Thanks for sharing Alaska with us. :~)

e-Mom said...

P.S. I'll pass on your Creative Blogger Award after I get a little more organized. My blogging break made my brain go all mushy!

Shelby said...

loved visiting your blog this morning! I gave you a shout out on my today's post on "alaska."

take care :)

Smalltown RN said...

wonderful photos...thank you for introducing me to your world...I found you via Shelby's place...we were talking about making trips to Alaska and how we both would really like to go..and then she had linked you site on her here I am to check things out...and you have this wonderful pictoral ...thank you....

Connie Marie said...

Auntie Lou,
I am very glad the mess at Mom's has nothing to do with you! ha Hopefully Mom has a picture of the guy with the pink camera too!

Hi e-mom,
Yes we are surrounded by beauty! Today we even had some heat-- 84! We were quite hot all day.

Hi shelby,
Thanks for the visit and thanks for the mention on your blog, I will be by to visit soon. I hope that you will come back again and again!

Hi smalltown rn,
I hope you can make it up to our State for a visit, you will love it. I am excited to take a peek at your site and will soon as things get back to normal here at home. Thanks for visiting and thanks for your comment. Come back soon!

Constance said...

Good Morning BBF!
I saw where in my absence you've been visiting my youngest daughter's blog (Auntie Lou!) Charlie with the pink camera was definitely a hoot! I'll share a story on that as I journal the trip!

Okay, lots of things to catch up on:
Bocce Ball-one of our favorite past times! We brought it with us on the trip but never had enough down time at camp to set it up and play.

Salmon dipping: I loved the pictures and the whole piece on salmon. Before that all I knew about salmon was how good they taste! BTW, I'm grilling salmon tonight for dinner!

I loved the photos from your Kings River getaway, esp the bear tracks! Those were huge!

Mood rings: I had one in High school. I actually tried one on while we were in Canada and it turned brilliant blue, said I was relaxed (Absolutely! I was on vacation!)

I have enjoyed all th pictures of your yard, it looks like it's a peacefl place to kick back and read a good book!

Thanks for the award and I'll respond to that ASAP.

It sounds like Millie is more interactive. Still praying for her and her family!

Thanks for stopping by and checking in on me to see if I was home yet!

Connie Marie said...

Connie from Texas!

My BBF, so glad to see you back! I missed you! I am looking forward to seeing your pictures and hearing your stories.

We were down in Soldotna this past weekend with MX stuff but I took some what I am calling 'Hit & Run' pictures (didn't stop the truck to take them, ha) on the way home, gonna post them. It will show a sneak peek of the ride up from the Kenai Peninsula.

Good to have you back with us! HUGs