Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Trophied Dad!

Watching the kids race is scary all the time for me, I being the "do it the safest way" type of person that I am. I always wonder why they think it is fun to jostle down the track with a bunch of other kids that like to go fast.

Klint did really good at the Motocross Championship Races in Homer. He raced in two classes Quad Pro Open and Quad Intermediates. He placed high enough in Quad Pro Open to win money and won the First Place trophy for Quad Intermediates! What an exciting race that was! Both he and the second place winner RACED hard the whole entire race! (They don't run laps, they run minutes.) Klint was able to keep up in first place through the whole race on Sunday and when he got the checkered flag the second place runner was roaring at his heels!

The whole weekend his Dad was on top of the RV with binoculars and worrying me that he just might jump off the top of that roof! That last race was too much to even look and see what he was doing! I tell ya, between him and the kids on the track - I have to get my rest between races! Just before Klint and Calli left to get back home Klint brought his trophy to Doug and said, "I got something for you Dad - Happy Father's Day!" So Doug is a trophied Dad!

Doug is such a great Dad. He comes from a long line of men that loved God. He had a very good example of loving God and loving his wife from his own Dad, John. I am blessed to know Doug and many times I have thought of the history that comes down his Dad's family. They were a family with a history of giving God His place in their lives. I always believe that the blessings we enjoy are from God honoring the prayers of those long ago faithful followers of Christ. It is a good lesson for us all.

The sun was hot this weekend. There was a cooling breeze so I sat out in the sun WAY TOO LONG and I am paying for it now! Ouchie! Sunburn hurts!

Here are a few pictures I took on the ride back home overlooking Cook Inlet and just an ol' tree near the used to be City of Portage. Not much remains of that area anymore since the 1964 earthquake sank the area six to ten feet and it got swamped with tidal waters.

I stopped by to see Millie yesterday on the way home. Gave her hugs and kisses. She was responsive as in moving when I touched her. I tried to turn her a bit so she didn't stay the same way too long. She lifted her left arm and scrunched her face as I pulled on her right arm and shoulder, which made me laugh and I said, "Yes Mil, help me!" Thanks to all of you that continue to pray for Millie to heal.


Constance said...

Good Morning Miss Connie!
I know about the heat and a sunburn-no fun, that's for sure! We've had so much rain here in North Texas that I have forgotten what my swampy yard looks like normally!

The trophy was cool! What a wonderful heritage your children and grandchildren have! While neither Dave or I were raised in that kind of a Christian heritage, I realize that for our family, we are the ones to start that for them! We are the ones to draw the line in the sand and take a stand!

Connie Marie said...

GM Connie -

We have had so little rain fall that the trees are beginning to get a tinge of brown in some places. Sad. Yesterday we were treated to an awesome thunder/lightning show.

What an incredibly powerful God that makes the warmth, and cold produce such a powerful display! The power in one lightning bolt is just incredible, and He makes it out of water, wind, warmth and cold! I am just in awe of this God's Creation. I was hoping we would get dumped with water, but no, we got just a bit of rain and it stopped too soon. This day is beginning he same so I am thinking we may be in for another show!

Yes! You are in the position to be an influence for good in your children's lives. The sad thing is no matter how much we long in our hearts that our children walk with God - that is totally up to them! I believe our prayers work towards their ultimate good.

My burn is feeling so much better!

Have a great day!