Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Jackson's and the Howling Huskies

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Kene & Milly have been traveling to Alaska to sing for different events in different towns for a long time. They are a favorite with the Native Alaskan Christian crowd. I enjoy listening to their country twang too!

Coming up the "last weekend in July in Palmer, Alaska" is the Howling Huskies Gospel Festival. Singing, eating and being outdoors. This is Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship's summer time event. If you are in the area that weekend be sure and check it out, especially if the weather is fine! Kids love playing on the grassy fields all day too.

The board of Anchorage Native New Life Fellowship tries to have Native foods there for sale too. They usually will have "alagiks" and have had salmon chowder too. Indian tacos are big sellers and of course the hamburger is always on our minds, especially when smelling hot charcoal!

I had to put a plug in for Howling Huskies on my blog, it's that time of the year again! Can you believe it? Millie? Mil? Did you wake up yet?

I heard Mil might be making a move up to the Valley! I usually get her updates right into my email but for some reason... no update! I had to zoom over there to find it for myself. So if you are subscribed for updates, they don't appear to be working right.

Can't believe that June 21st has come and gone!


Kerri said...

Grrr, comments aren't working for me. :o(

What I was trying to say was, Doris updated an already existing entry rather than create a new one when she mentioned the move. Probably why you didn't get notified.

Also, Millie's mentioned the Jacksons to me before but I'd never heard them. Sounds good. :o)

*crossing fingers* Hope this posts this time!

Connie Marie said...


I did a search on the Jackson's and you have a blog of one of the songs they sing. "God On The Mountain." Last year, about this same time (a few days earlier). HUGs

Constance said...


I guess I'll have to plan the Alaska trip to coincide with the festival when we finally get our hineys up to your little corner of heaven!

One day we reallt will have to meet! I feel like I know you already!

Hugs from Texas,

Connie Marie said...

Hey BBF!
Seems you have been quiet lately, busy?

It would be fun to meet you in person and watch you see Alaska for the first time. It was cool to have my friend Sandi, also from Texas, up here one summer. She just kept going on about the mountains. When living around them all the time we become numb to the beauty. It is always good to experience Alaska again with others that are visiting.


e-Mom said...

A nice twangy sound!!! What are alagiks? Salmon chowder... mmm... must google for a recipe. We're salmon-lovers down here in the PNW too! Hugs.

Connie Marie said...

Hi e-mom!

Alagiks are the Alutiiq word for fried bread. Most everyone loves fried bread, especially hot out of the pot.


Kerri said...

Really? Hmmm...what a coinkydink. That's one of my favorite songs but I've only ever heard it sung by Lynda Randle.


Sounds like you all for some good times and good eating. I would love to see Alaska. My grand daughter in law assures me it is the most beautiful place. Have a good weekend. connie from Texas

We are fixing to head out to out get away. lol

Connie Marie said...

Be safe and be refreshed, Connie Thoughts! I will be thinking of you and your husband this weekend!