Sunday, April 01, 2007

Millie in Alaska, Providence Extended Care

I went to see Millie yesterday at Providence Extended Care Center in Anchorage. It was so good to see her again. Millie moves so much more than when I saw her in Seattle. She has not woke up yet and remains in a coma. Sometimes we wonder if she is trying to respond to us.

Providence Extended Care Center is very busy and full. So many patients there. Most of us never get exposed to the many people suffering in hospitals until we have a loved one that ends up in a hospital. My heart was touched by all those sitting there.

Millie shares a room with "Carol", another patient. UPDATED: Millie's roommates name is "Gloria." I have a friend named Carol and her daughter is named Gloria, so my brain made a quick name exchange again!

You can send her email there! Email Millie!

I thank all those that visit this blog for praying for Millie to return. That is one advantage of blogging, all those that are made aware of situations in my life that take the time to pray. It is so good to have her back home in Alaska. My sister Kotya was able to see her too. Kotya was scheduled to return to her village yesterday but extended her stay a few more days after we found out Millie was FINALLY flying back home.

For those wishing to send Millie a card her new address is:
Mildred Aposik
Providence Extended Care, Rm # 146K
4900 Eagle Street
Anchorage, Alaska

Providence Extended Care's PH. # - (907) 562-2281

PECC gives pet passes! How cool is that?

Visiting hours are 9 AM to 8:30 PM and my sister Kotya was told that they will discourage no one when it comes to visiting their patients. So, all are welcome to stop by and check up on Millie. You will need to sign in at the front desk when you come to visit.

During your stay at Providence Extended Care Center, we want your family and friends to continue to be a part of your life. We have found that many residents seem to adapt better to life at Extended Care when their families are involved in their daily lives. Visiting hours are from 9 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. You may visit with your guests in your room or in the lounges, lobby or courtyards. Or, invite your friend or family to bring their appetite and dine with you.

Day 96. Once again, thanks for praying.


Kerri said...

Connie, I'm so sorry I haven't been around. I was so happy to hear that Millie was coming back to Alaska. I'm glad the transition went smoothly and that more of her family is able to visit with her. I pray that things continue to go well and that she wake up soon and come back to you. I'll try to get better at keeping in touch. Don't think for a minute that I haven't been praying for Millie and the rest of you. Take care, my friend. Love you.

Constance said...

I love the idea of pet passes! My Aunt Iris is in chemo for her cancer and just had to give away her kitty cat because it was too much on her. My sister (who is in remission from her colon cancer) took him and is caring for him. Since she is a widow, her kitty meant a lot to her. I would imagine one of the things these pet passes accomplish is a feeling a of normalcy in a patient's life.
Thanks for the info on Millie!

Connie Marie said...

After I saw that they have pet passes we saw a lot of pets on our last visit. It is neat... one room had a sign on the door - "NO CATS", that was funny. Pets do become so important in families.

Carrie, I didn't think you forgot about Millie; I know you keep in contact with her daughters at Bebo. No apology was necessary ... it's all good.

mrsjojo said...

Hi Connie, I was soooo delighted to hear that Millie and Adam were back in Alaska. We were in Anchorage on Sunday so we peeked in on Millie.

Like you and the rest of the family, I pray for a soon recovery. I miss her smile and laugh very much.

The night after I saw her I had a dream. It was so clear; I saw her in the same chair that she was sitting in and we were talking and laughing together. It was so real.
My prayer is that the dream comes true!!!!

Connie Marie said...

What a great dream! I pray that it will all come true too.

We saw that you had been there. I read your card to her and hung up your picture. Thanks for visiting her, I know all the interaction with friends and family is prodding.. prodding...