Thursday, April 19, 2007

Enjoy the Moment


This morning I have been thinking about how our lives change.

Some change takes a long time. Some change is for the good; some not so good. It can be sudden; unexpected. Unexpected like my sister's aneurysm. Unexpected, like the horrible shootings at Virginia Tech. Severe changes that cause us to cover our mouths and hold our breath.

Slow changes like winter melting into spring. Clouds floating across the sky and covering up the sunlight. Hair turning from a dark beautiful color to a shiny silver. A rock ptarmigan's feathers changing from winter white to brown. (The one pictured here was in my drive way!)

Whatever the changes, those of us that are caught up close to change also have to change. I always expected that Millie would show up here and there with her pretty smile. I have not seen that smile for months. Families and friends dealing with the 32 losses at Virginia Tech; they will have to adjust and go on with life. These are changes almost too much to bear.

I watched my children grow up and change from needing me to care for them every day to not needing me to care for them and then they now appear to be caring for me! That is a change I cherish.

The only One that does not change is God. He has remained the same down through the ages since this world was created. He has never changed.

Whatever changes Today finds you coping with, I pray that you will know God and that you will know that He alone sustains life in us and you will know that there is another power, the evil one; he prowls around the earth destroying what God has created. He uses chaos, hate, unforgiveness and whatever it takes to make a man or woman carry out his evil intentions towards fellow mankind.

The Truth is that someday, this world we know and love will all be changed; we will live forever in a world not touched by death anymore. That is God's Truth, that will not ever change!

Here is a writing by "The Message" translation of the Bible taken from the New Testament, Hebrews, Chapter One. The writing mentions the truth of how God remains the same. Read the whole chapter here.

Earth and sky will wear out, but not you; they become threadbare like an old coat; You'll fold them up like a worn-out cloak, and lay them away on the shelf. But you'll stay the same, year after year; you'll never fade, you'll never wear out.

It is refreshing to read that in this ever-changing and disturbing world we know.

I got to see Millie yesterday. She opened her left eye and appeared to be looking around. It is hard to discern if she is aware of us or her surroundings. When we move she will move her eyes to focus on us. My daughter Karla was there with me and we let her touch Raegan Mae, my newest grandbaby. When we move her left arm she resists strongly. He right arm is not so strong. She grimaces when I attempt to reposition her legs. I apologize because I know how it hurts the joints to move after remaining stationary too long. Thanks for continuing to pray for Millie. Please take time to send her an email to add to her bulletin board, if it does not register to her yet, it does to her family and encourages them the most. Thanks.

Day 114.


Constance said...

Change is SO hard and we are SO resisitent to things we don't know.

Babies in the womb would never fully know life unless they changed their environment.

The rest of us will never fully know the complete life we have in God, until our earthly circumstances change and we are in His presence!

We are so limited by our earthly perspectives! I think I'm going to start praying for a heavenly perspective!

I'll catch you when I get back from Yosemite and hopefully I won't have any bear chasing tales to tell! Those, those, those bears!


Very good post, Connie Marie,Changes come whether we want them to or not. We can look at them but to live we must look toward the future and then live. connie from Texas