Wednesday, April 11, 2007

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I am copy and pasting the blog I wrote for my other blogs, so if you read my other blogs, this is a repeater.

Easter was anticipated so long and the little prizes for the egg hunt were hid for weeks and now the day is already over! But the memories go on. That's the way it goes in life. Anticipation. Event. Memories. Over and over.

I got to visit Mil today. She was moved to another room since she arrived in Alaska so all of her caregivers were changed too. She has a new room-mate too, Rose.

Rose has Alzheimer's (I knew I spelled that wrong at the other blogs!). I visited with her daughter for a while and learned that Rose fell down, broke her hip and was laid up for five months. Now she has forgotten how to walk.

I can't help but think about how life ends while I am at this hospital. So many there that I am sure never, ever dreamed the last of their days would be spent like Rose's days are spent.

Sometimes I see Rose sit and look at me. There is a mirror on her side of the room and sometimes I see her looking at me through the mirror too. I wonder if she is trying to remember who I am. I had never met her before entering the room with Millie the first day Mil became her room mate. So, I just smile at her. She'll give me a quick smile and a wink back, just as if she knows me.

Millie has a urinary tract infection. She also has a lot of rattle in her chest. I don't like that. BUT... she is trying to cough it up, I like that! I tell her she is doing a good job. "Cough again, Mil." She coughs and sounds like she almost wants to cry. My poor sister. She is also having a severe reaction, "Probably to her antibiotics," her nurse said to me. This has made it hard to keep up with cleaning her. So now, she has a sore too.

What a lovely thing to have friends come when you are sick and sing to you. Today Carrie H. and her daughter Emily J. stopped by and sang the "Hallelujah" song in Yupik and "Someone Is Praying For You".

If Millie didn't realize it and enjoy it, I sure did. Thank the LORD for such a gift as these two brought to Millie's room today. My heart was touched, I prayed that Millie's was too. It was refreshing to my soul to listen to Carrie pray in her quiet, gentle way. "I love you," she said to me as she got up and got ready to leave. "Tell her family that we are praying for her, especially my Mom and Dad," said Emily. So because I forgot to say it there I say it now. They are praying for you all... Millie's family.

Shortly after I arrived at the hospital room today the nurses came in and said they needed to change Millie; they needed to clean her up. I waited in the lobby for a long time! As I sat there I wondered who I would see coming to visit Millie today.

I got to see Adam and Courtney, Julia, Virginia, Carrie, Emily, Shirley M, my son Klint came in and so did Doug. I tell ya! If you want to see people you have not seen in a long time... spend a day at the side of your popular hospitalized family or friends.

I love you, Mil.

Day 106.

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