Friday, January 19, 2007


Again I was reading about Millie's condition. Her condition is a big part of my thoughts since she collapsed with the ruptured aneurysm. I apologize if I continue to write about things that relate to her and her recovery.

I was knitting and praying for Millie to wake up when I wanted to read stories about others "waking up" or "emerging" as the physicians who work with comatose patients call it.

I read this poem written by a lady that survived (she was in a coma too). She writes of her Near Death Experience and how she came back, at her own website. NDE's have always interested me. I will be curious to hear what Millie has to share about her long sleep and the thoughts she had while there. I thank the Lord that He knows her thoughts, and He is never far away.

Derry's poem is about how she could read the thoughts of those that touched her while she slept. Amazing. She encourages nurses caring for the comatose even to sing to them ---in their minds.

I liked her poem. I liked the thought that when we touch those that seem unaware of our presence, they most likely are very aware of us. When we are in situations like we found ourselves with Millie, the words are just not there. The mouth seems to be stopped, but the heart cries out that she know we are there to love her and we want her to please get better! From the thoughts this woman shares in her poetry, I was encouraged to believe that Millie knew the thoughts of myself, Kotya and Becca while we were there, and knows the hearts of her family that continue to be with her, of all those that stop by and only put their hand on hers... she knows somewhere in her heart.

I'm in a dark, dim place, I hear sounds from afar off,
unintelligible sounds. I can't understand the sounds!
I feel someone touching me, moving me,
I know what they're feeling when they touch me.
Do they know that what they're feeling is communicated through their hands
to me, a near dead comatose body?
Do they know that some part of my mind is working, recording, remembering?
I can feel the person who's touching me now, believes I will live.
I know I'm going to live, LOOK!, I'm in here! I am alive!
I trust her much more because I know she believes I will live as well.
Do they know that they are communicating with me,
those who are touching me, caring for me?
I'm communicating the only way I can!

I'm in a dark, dim place, hearing garbled noises from afar off.
I don't remember who spoke to me, I can't understand them!
I can't see them either! but their touch,
that I do remember.

More of Derry's Poetry.

Doris shared by email they want prayer that Millie will wake up by Wednesday next week. Thanks for praying.

24 days.

Sending loud ringing, blaring alarm clock style noisy thoughts across the miles to Millie... WAKE UP NOW!


Kerri said...

Don't apologize, Connie. She's your sister and we understand that you love her and want the best for her. I am still praying for her and will continue to do so for as long as it takes. Hugs (((Connie))) Love you.

Constance said...

Hey gal, I'll be praying for her snooze button to go off so she'll wake up! I was wondering the same thing. What interesting things will she be sharing with us after she awakewns? What did she see and hear? It'll happen soon!