Saturday, January 13, 2007


My sister Millie's daughter Marionelle began doing an update website on her Mom's condition. I am going to redirect any interest in her progress from here to her site. Please go there for any more news on Millie. I will be depending on her site too for any up-to-the-minute reports, since her Dad and sisters are there with Millie and will be talking to them daily by phone. Bookmark this site now for more UPDATES on MILLIE.

A basketball dribbled too high that it begins to control the dribbler before it finally flies over her head and bounces wildly behind her. Another mishap finds the ball smack in her face after her too-slow-to-protect hands missed redirecting it. She even blew a tenny-shoe completely off her foot while dribbling, then runs off chasing after the basketball with one shoe on --- all during practice.

Chaos in preparation for our oldest Grand baby's first basketball game tonight! Her team named the "White Tigers." All the girls wore white t-shirts. I felt old sitting there in the bleachers once again while realizing this was our grandchild running around the basketball court ---chasing that out of control basketball! It was fun.

After her very first game (which her team lost 13 - 2) we all went to eat dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Chepos. Great Mexican food! Hey, I found their menu online! Chepos Mexican Restaurant & Cantina Menu. You can purchase a dining certificate at the site for $25.00 off of your dinner (must spend over $35.00) for only $10.00.

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Constance said...

It's SO good to hear from you once again! Thanks for the link to your niece's site. It's really great and I'm impressed with the faith that Millie & Adam have instilled in their children! What a testimony! I got Millie's last name from Mrs. JoJo and sent a card off to Millie last week. I'm sure you look forward to the day when she's beading, knifty-knitting away and keeping up her blog or bebo sites! She's come a long way already and I pray that God will be her Jehovah Jirah!

On a lighter note, I doubt I'll be dining at the Mexican restaurant anytime soon but I'll check out their menu for grins! Last week, I made Chiles Rellenos and absentmindly brushed a piece of hair from my eyes. I forgot I had been handling peppers and my eyes burned for 1 hour!!!! OUCH!

Enjoy those games and practices!