Monday, January 01, 2007

Heading South

Here are a few pictures of Mom, Don, Millie and myself taken in 1958. Millie's dress looks pretty good in this picture but we always would remember how she would accidentally tear her dresses by stepping on the hem and then standing upright.. rrrrip! [laughter] Mom said many times that she felt like she was always mending Millie's dresses.

These pictures were taken in old Old Harbor. They are pictures I received from Caroll Featherman after I wrote to him and asked for information on our Grandfather Raymond Kautter.

Last night after we retired I said to Doug, "I would like to go see Millie in Seattle, maybe if I go Kotya would go with me." It turns out that she is going and so is our younger sister Becca!

I am excited to be able to visit for a week with Millie and my sisters will be there too! I'm thanking the Lord for such a blessing.

While I am away and for any updates on Millie for my readers and those praying for Millie and her family, please check at Marie's blog.

We are checking on hotels near the hospital right now.

Our New Year's Eve was spent out on The Lake and we enjoyed meeting some new people, a co-worker of Klint's and a co-worker of Doug's and their families. We also met a friend of Shira's from Puerto Rico. Everyone survived the night of races. Kim did flip her machine and has a bit of a bump to show for it.

Adam spoke with Doug this morning and Millie is peaceful and resting. I believe she has a sonogram scheduled for today.


Kerri said...

I'm so glad you get to go visit with her. Please tell Adam, Doris, Debbie, Joshy, and Courtney I send my love. Tell Millie, also. I know she must sense family around and hear them encourage her and read the scriptures to her.

I must pray for her 20 times a day, at least. I got a new digital photo frame for Christmas. I have her picture on there and each time it cycles through her picture and I see it, I tell her I love her and say a little prayer.

May God bless you, Kotya, and Becca with safe travels. May He continue to work His miracles with Millie.

Happy New Year, Connie.

mrsjojo said...

It's so nice that you all can go down to see Millie. Give her and the family my love and greetings. Let me know what hospital she is at. There are 3 Swedish hospitals in Seattle. I have a number of friends praying for Millie.
Keep looking up.