Monday, January 29, 2007

The Flu Has Not Flew Away Yet

Pardon me for being so rude
It was not me, it was my food
It just came up to say "hello"
And now it's gone back down below

I saw a sign in front of a Critical Care Clinic in Wasilla that said, "The flu season is not over yet" and that is so very true. Right now my daughter Kim and her three children are sick. Flu and suspected strep throat too.

We stopped by her place Sunday after church to bring medicine for AJ. So he can swallow before he could see the Doctor today. (Which is probably where they all spent part of today.)

"What? You are going over to Kim's and they are all sick???" asked Kris.

"Yes, I think there is some sort of blessing for people that go to see the sick that covers you from catching what they have," I very wisely replied.

"We probably will go there and come all the way back home and give the bug to you," Doug said and that was kind of funny at the time. Not funny when Kris got sick last night. Poor Kris. He went to his Oil Technology class anyway; he didn't want to get behind.

The daylight is staying longer here and that is very cheering. I can't imagine spring approaching without hearing Millie comment on how nice the longer daylight is, waiting to see the first pussy willows and hearing the first robins singing together. It's the little things we miss when we can't have them. I am trying to keep positive but time is zapping my enthusiasm and I find myself having anxious thoughts and even dreams concerning Mil.

Her girls say she is moving more, less swollen and we all are still praying. Soon she will fully wake up, because isn't what she is doing now --- emerging and we did read that emerging takes time?

She is scheduled to have the bone put back in place on her skull on Wednesday.

Adam said our cousin Emil and his wife Mary Dale visited her today. Emil is the son of Mom's sister, Sasha, who was Millie's Aba.

Wake up soon ((((((((Ahka)))))))))!

Day 34


Constance said...

I will have my Life Group pray for Millie's surgery tomorrow. Millie is a butterfly waiting to come out of her cocoon. Soon she'll come out and her wings will open wide and she will dazzle us. I'm sure of it because she has spent this time in the intimate, protective presence of the Living God! If someone has been to that place, they can NEVER be the same!

Connie Marie said...

Thanks Connie and I really like that picture... butterfly waiting to come out of her cocoon. It will be so beautiful when she finally does come out.

Kerri said...

(((((Connie))))) I can't even imagine what it's like for you. I know how much I miss her and I've not had the pleasure of sharing a lifetime with her. Please know I'm praying for you. Stay strong in the knowledge that God is taking care of her. Take care. Love you.

What is an Aba?

Connie Marie said...

Aba, I'm having a hard time explaining that. It is a relationship, a circle of care. It is a group of people related by birthdays and elders. It is a special someone (and more) that become your Aba's when you are born. This person was there when you were baptized as a baby in the Russian Orthodox Church. They were to make sure you were taken care of and also showed extra affection to you through gifts and concern. Every person in the village had an Aba (f) or an Uppa(m). Sasha was the oldest in the bunch that Millie was part of. Irene was my Aba. I think, way back when people had life harder it worked out so that besides Mom and Dad looking out for you, you also had others that made sure you were taken care of. This is the only way I can explain it and is how I understood the reason for Aba's and Uppa's. I am not even sure how one was chosen for you. By choice or by name. Each person got a Church name when baptized and maybe that is how it was decided what circle you would then be in. HUGs to you Carrie.