Friday, December 29, 2006

Still Sleeping...

(This picture is a favorite of mine, my sisters Millie-closest, Kotya and Shirley.)

I spoke with Adam this morning and Millie was being readied for an angiogram. According to Adam the doctor feels that she has another blood vessel on the right side of her head that does not look good so he will be going in to fix it from the inside of the blood vessel.

Adam says that Millie is still asleep.

Yesterday, Adam also shared that a six-inch blood clot was removed from the area of the rupture and the vessel was pinched off so that there is not anymore bleeding. Her breathing is still being assisted; she is stabilized and is resting. Her blood pressure is good, it had been too low for a while.

Millie and Adam have six children, mostly all grown; and 16 grandchildren. Right now their oldest daughter Doris is there in Seattle along with her younger brother Josh. Debbie will be getting there this evening, Seattle time. Being away from home can be expensive so there are plans being made to help out the Aposik's financially while they cope at this stressful time.

Thanks so much for praying, I will let you know of any improvements with Millie, when I know of it.

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