Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stay with us Mil!

I got to see Millie here in the Valley before they took her to Anchorage.

She has had a vein burst in the left side of her brain. She continued to have blood leaking since the initial vein breakage and today Doctor David Newell in Seattle, Washington. (I believe that she is at the Swedish Medical Center successfully shut that leak up then cleaned up the blood clot in the area. This doctor has done this surgery many times and that is a comfort to know. We all continue to pray for God's mercy on her and are praying her family.

I also saw her in Anchorage. My brother Toby's wife, Shirley called to tell us that Millie would be flown down to Seattle where she would recieve faster treatment than if she were to remain up here and wait for a doctor/hospital room to become available. When I heard that I decided to go see her before she left. We are so very thankful that she was flown out to Seattle along with her husband Adam for a faster treatment. I believe that our cousin Katherine Gottliebhad much to do with getting all the connections so quickly for Millie.

I spoke to Adam and he said that she did good through the ordeal and now she needs to rest. So, we can only rest in the Lord too, and plead that she will be able to recover from this sudden trauma to her body quickly.

Millie's son and two daughters will be by her side along with her husband while she is in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about Millie. Our prayers will be with her and the family.....Jewell

Connie Marie said...

Thank you Jewell.