Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowy Morning

I was going to share a bunch of pictures but thought it would be less invasive to put them all into a slideshow for my readers. I really do like how easy is to use.

We were so happy and surprised to find all the snow this morning. I would guess we had about seven inches. I peeked out my bedroom window and thought it was not more than 2 inches until I took Chewy out to go potty. He had such fun running and jumping in it and chasing balls of snow as they rolled along on top of the snow.

We are considering purchasing a condo or townhouse in Anchorage. Doug's employer will contribute to the cost if we do decide to do that. They help their employee's move when he or she has accepted a new position or job in the company. So, we might, but we might not also, take advantage of the program and get a small place in Anchorage to avoid the long commute to Big Lake.

Today we did some looking with a real estate lady named Sarah. It was actually fun to go around and look, but I did not really see anything I am interested in yet.

I also had to see a doctor for a rash I have had too long and it won't go away! I tried so many things to get rid of it but there it sits, and it actually was spreading. (lower neck). The doctor looked and then he asked if it was okay if another doctor looked, and then they scratched it and looked under a microscope and then sent the results plus pictures to a dermatologist. After all that, they told me to go to the grocery store and get Lamisil, "it looks like fungus".... !!!!! Am I am turning into a mushroom?

We also had Klint along today. Doug dropped him off at a place he is working, sort of like an internship, (I think) with ICRC. I need to listen better when he talks about the details of his school and work instead of doing things like listening to new Christmas music on the iPod! ICRC's office is in the Alaska Railroad Depot.

Klint is nearing graduating with his Electrical Engineering Degree from UAA. I believe he may be UAA's first EE graduate too. UAA never had all the classes required to get a degree there until recently. He was very involved with another program at the University of Alaska called ANSEP, or Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program. Many businesses support this program. ANSEP works to increase recruitment, retention, and graduation rates. I am glad Klint is part of this program. Doug's employer, BP Exploration, is one of the many supporters for this program. Anyway, today I was in the ANSEP Building for the first time, Klint showed me around. It is a beautiful building!

While riding home we saw the second vehicle fire in a week! Someone's plowtruck was on fire along side the Park's highway near Pittman Road. We sure felt sorry for the guy, one of our big snowfalls this winter and his truck burns up!

I included a picture of a choir. This is the choir Alexis sings in and we attended the new school's dedication last evening. It was great to be at a school function again, it's been a long time!

Enjoy the pictures.


Constance said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I REALLY like that format. I am going to go over to that website and learn how to do that. I tend to post a lot of pics at one time and I like what you do with yours.

The snow is SO beautiful (sigh). I thoroughly enjoyed all of the pics. I watched the slide show before reading your blog entry. I got so excited over The Alaska Railroad building where your son works at. Since my hubby is a Railroader, things like that catch my eye. The idea of a condo is a very practical one. How long before Doug gets to retire? I can hardly wait until that days comes for us!

Connie Marie said...

You will find that is very user friendly. I tried several programs and like that the best because it's not a headache to use.

Yes, the snow so white, I think it is beautiful too.

We figure if we do decide to invest in a condo or townhouse, it can be resold or rented out when we don't need it anymore. We won't sell our home here though.

Doug can retire in 4 - 5 years --- we might have to do changes in diet, needs and --- fun stuff to get by, an occasional part-time job for travel might be necessary. We want to travel when he gets to retire!

Constance said...

I LOVE to travel! It helps that we love to camp because at least that's one thing we can costs on! Have a great day today!