Monday, December 04, 2006

OUT of the boxes!

The wreath making party at my daughter Karla's home was another fun evening. I used a grapevine wreath this year. It was not as involved as tying on spruce boughs to a wire frame as years before. We tried to figure out which year this was. I think was # 6.

The guys all went out and found two trees yesterday, one for our house and one for Klint and Calli's cabin. So, we were busy decorating our trees all evening. It was a fun evening. I got tired! The tree must be, ten feet tall, possibly more. That is a lot to decorate. Doug rode his 4 wheeler pulling his little trailer behind our sons on snow machines.

The fake tree that we usually use each year is full and uniform compared to a real tree from Alaska's backwoods. I said I wanted a "Charlie Brown" Christmas tree this year... skinny with a little bit of a crooked top. Well, I didn't get exactly that, but we have a tree that is sort of skinny at the top, with gangly limbs reaching out for decorations. I love it!

I love the picture of Santa and Mrs. Santa, they always make me giggle when I pull them out because they look so happy to be out of their boxes for another Christmastime!

We all look tired, don't we? Me in my shorts and tank top in the middle of winter--- that's what a wood stove will do to me! Marie has reason to be tired, she is still recovering from her strep throat and cough.

I see the Christmas tree.
I watched it always twinkling.
Sparkles of the Christmas lights
Bounce off the Christmas ornaments;
Then spray the room like water sprinkling.

American Tract Society says Merry Christmas with tracts. I got this link from Doug. One of the tracts encourage us all to keep Christ in Christmas; it has a NO sign over Happy Holidays, the other side of the business-style card says Merry Christmas with a link to this gospel message website.


Constance said...

I LOVED the photos you shared! Your home looks so cozy & inviting! The ornaments are really cute too! zi would love to go out & get my own tree. We have a Norfolk Pine tree in Dave's den that has grown REALLY tall over the past 13 years that we've had it. Every year I put lights on it for him and he decorates it with Yellowstone ornaments or Dallas Stars, hockey stuff. That year, when they won the Stanley Cup, he mounted our car flag as his tree topper! I even put gold lights on the tree for him. Now I do multi-colored in his room. I can't wait until this weekend to get our tree!

akeskileut said...

That is a pretty wreath..:-)

Debbie said...

LOL, I really like your Santa, and Mrs. Santa picture, that's funny, that they really DO look so happy to be out of the box, and ready to be on display. Have a blessed week Auntie Connie. :)

love Debbie