Thursday, December 21, 2006

I Forgot!

It's December 21st! The shortest daylight day of the year. Now we can be encouraged knowing that daylight will begin to increase instead of decrease. I was reminded of that this evening. I was quite busy with Christmas stuff today, so this ended up being a happy day for me---I should sing ---just like Chewy in the pictures! (He sings whenever he hears a musical toy.)

We will have a new baby girl in our family the last weekend in January by C-section. So, today I made something for her and put it under the tree. I will show a picture after Christmas Day. :-) I'm looking forward to seeing your pretty, little face Raegan Mae! Beautiful name Karla and Chris have chosen for her.

The Internet has been very squirrel-ly today! On and off, on and off.

We are still getting snowfall and tonight my husband and youngest son, Kris went on a snow machine ride. I hope my husband does not hurt himself! He hurt his tailbone the other day, during the races on the frozen lake.

I think... I am ready for Christmas! I am waiting for several packages to arrive through the post office and FedEx. This shipping with FedEx has been crazy! It is very frustrating.

The item I ordered was something I began to work on getting the last week of November and I actually paid for it on December 3. Today I waited all day for it to arrive as I was told that it would---it was expedited.


Today it is too late now for packages at the door so I figure it will be here tomorrow. Tomorrow is another day and I will wake up with new anticipation. (It is Doug's gift!)

This has been the way of Christmas in Alaska, if we order anything, which is the way of life if you live in the village. I don't, but this year I decided to do my shopping online. I enjoyed it, when things arrived when they should!

I have shopped at Land's End and and WOW! They are so good with shipping and shipping quickly. I was and still am impressed. Shopping from Alaska is not a problem with them!

Another place I have shopped at is and they were very fast too. So, it can be done! It may be a mindset of some businesses that shipping to Alaska must be difficult, they expect it to be. But... hey guys, it isn't true anymore.

I hope more businesses begin to be as streamlined as Lands End and Amazon when dealing with us Alaskans. The Smithsonian is terribly slow! They have such cool stuff though that I continue to shop with them, but they just keep being slow. Maybe someday, they will stop being so museum-ish.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day! I can continue to hope that my order will arrive on time for Christmas... for a few more days yet!!!!


Constance said...

Good Morning! I am ready for Christmas, it's coming regardless right? I like shopping online a lot! I decided last week to order 2 things for Dave. They were ideas that just popped into my head. One came yesterday so I'm expecting the other today. I was ready to give them as New Years presents if they didn't make it by tomorrow. Of course Texas isn't Alaska in some shippers minds!

Congrats on the new grandbaby! How many does this make for you & Doug? I told Jennifer & Jessica that my gut tells me our next grandchild will be a boy so they can fight it out between themselves as to who wants to get pregnant! Ha Ha! Jenn & Corey want a boy but Ashley isn't even 10 months old yet! Jessica & Steven want a boy but they're not ready yet to make that big of a decision on a leap of faith and my gut instincts! Ha Ha!

Kerri said...

Believe me, I know all about waiting for packages to arrive. I was so thankful when all of Michael's arrived...and most of those that were went by my mom and sister are here, too. Waiting is tough because they rarely ever get here when they're supposed to! Especially here on this little island of ours. Weather is a major cause of delay.

I hope your packages come on time and you and your family have a very merry God-filled Christmas. *hugs*

mrsjojo said...

I haven't been around for a LOOOONG time and have missed everyone. It's mainly cause of business and no time to mess around with figuring all this new blogger out. It actually took me some time to figure out how to comment today. Things will be better after Christmas when I have time to sit and figure all this out again.

I'm with you on the shortest day of the year. I was so busy yesteday that it didn't even occur to me that it was the shortest. I managed to get a LOT done. We are all packed to get on the road up to
Anchorage this afternoon before the next big storm shows up. We head out to Phoenix to be with the kids for the week. Looking forward to it but getting there is the hassle. The major weather problems are such a bother. I'm really trying to trust the Lord and not worrying about it all.

Congrats on the new soon-to-be granddaughter. I don't know how you can stand it!!! We have the one and feel sooo blessed. God knew what He was doing with all this family stuff!!!!!

I hope you got all your gifts. Believe it or not but I got my hubby's gift early this year. Poor guy, usually, it is the last gift I get.

Have a fabulous Christmas with your family. Give my greetings to Millie and her family. Thanks, Joanne