Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all my blog friends, to all my family, to all those praying for Millie.

Just a quick note to share that Adam told me about Millie's finger and toes test. They squeeze her tightly to see if there is a reaction and there was. Both sides of her hands and feet responded and then they also called out "Millie, Millie?" and she slightly turned her head, both right and left. She turned to the right strongest.

Those are all reactions that we can be very happy about.


Constance said...

I have been following your updates and keeping Millie in my prayers. I have had a full blown house of holiday company that has kept me very busy. I've had jsut enough time to read a few of my blogs but little else.

I will continue to pray for her & her family. God never causes bad things to happen but I personally believe that He allows some things to come into our lives. He sees the big picture and we don't. Trust is such a simple word but requires huge faith! We just have to trust in Him to know what's best for us. Sometimes those lessons are learned through great stuggles.

Please give her my love and a hug for you too, my sisters in Christ. Prayers will continue to go up before the throne!

mrsjojo said...

Hugs to you Connie. I know this is difficult for you being so far apart right now.

I loved reading about your New Year's tradtions, especially about the fat balls! The name sounds funny but after reading about what they are, I know why they are sooo good. :)

Connie Marie said...

Thanks ladies for your prayers for Millie.

Jo, I am happy to say I get to see Millie soon, Lord willing! and so is Kotya and Becca. We are excited to be able to go down and spend time with her.