Saturday, December 30, 2006

"God's warming comfort "

I like that Carrie, "God's warming comfort."

I just spoke with Doris and Debbie and earlier Doug spoke with Adam. The girls said that their Mom is warmer today. Warmer hands, feet and body. They are encouraged by that, and so am I. Doris and Debbie shared that they have been praying healing prayers for their Mom and reading scriptures with her, especially Psalms 91, which I just read too.

The same day that Mil had her "bleed" my sister Kotya's husband along with my niece Charmaine (13 years old) were traveling back home from Dillingham's airport in a blizzard. As they crossed Alegnagik Lake towards home Chris could not see where he was but he knew there is a thin spot on the lake. He thought he was not near it but turned out that he was. They broke through the ice but Chris was able to climb out! He pulled Charmaine out three times. She kept going through because she would crawl quickly toward Chris and their combined weight on one area would break the ice, she is the one that broke though each time. (Picture is of Alegnagik Lake, sent to me by Kotya.)

We all thank God that they are both safe. When I called Kotya to tell her about Mil, she said that Chris and Charmaine just got out of the lake, but my mind was so numbed by Millie's emergency that it totally went over my head.

I am so thankful.... thank you God for your mercy in Chris and Charmaine's lives! Kotya and her family and all of us were blessed that day when their lives were spared from a freezing death.

Millie has been blessed too. Her son Kenneth had just completed a CPR course and the day she went unconscious and stopped breathing, Kenneth had not gone to work! He was there to administer this life saving talent he just learned for the first time ---- on his own dear Mom. God has shown Himself to be so good in her situation already.

This morning the report on Millie:
Doris said that her Mom is coughing on her own. The physicians said that is a good sign. Adam reported that Millie moved her hand. These reports this morning are so encouraging to me and I know they will be to you.


Anonymous said...

PTL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kotya

mrsjojo said...

Prais the Lord that Chris and Charmaine are ok-what an awful situation to find yourself in. My prayer is that God will be glorified through this experience.

I pray that Millie will be healed soon but in God's own timing. I'm sure that Millie is a blessing to her family even in this situation. The family is a great bunch and I pray for their strength to hold up and that they encourage each other and Millie.

God is soooo good!