Wednesday, December 27, 2006

For those who pray

Please pray for my sister who is in the hospital right now. Some of you know her as burgundyrose, some know her as chamai and still others know her as ahka. I know her as my sister and I want you all to please pray for her. She has had a bursted vein in her head and is having emergency surgery for that right now. 9 PM Alaska time. That is all I feel I can say, and I say that so that you will pray for her too. Thanks.


Constance said...

The surgery has already come to pass since I just now checked my blogger friends. I pray that all has gone well and that the presence of God is intimately felt by all of your family. PLEASE tell us how she's doing and tell her that I am praying for her, one of my new friends!

Kerri said...

Connie, I haven't stopped praying since her son called me. Praying for her and the rest of you. I haven't heared how the surgery went. I hope that she came through okay and is improving. I feel so helpless way down here.

Connie Marie said...

Thanks Connie and Carrie.