Friday, December 29, 2006


According to Adam, Millie's angiogram went well. I did some reading about angiogram's and have learned that since it was done to view the brains blood vessels it is called a cerebral angiogram.

"Cerebral angiographies show the brain's blood vessels. Doctors use cerebral angiography to detect abnormalities in the brain's blood vessels, such as narrowing or blockage. It is usually done after another test (such as a CT scan) has already detected an abnormality. Angiography is useful in detecting and diagnosing acute stroke and is especially beneficial since the images taken through cerebral angiography cannot be taken through other techniques."

....."The basic principle behind cerebral angiography is the same as that of regular x-ray imaging. As the x-rays pass through the body, they are absorbed at different levels. The absorption of the x-rays by the injected dye allows the blood vessels in the brain to be imaged. The differences in absorption become one of many images detected by a camera, which finally become a “movie” of the blood flow (and the flow of the intravenous dye) through the vessels." (Internet Stroke Center)

Millie and Adam's daughter Courtney will be joining Millie, Adam, Doris, Debbie and Josh in Seattle tomorrow. I know that it will be good for Millie to sense that her family is around her.

I asked how long Mil will be out in Seattle and Adam said he should have an idea about that in a few days. I am going to say that I think that she will be ready to come back to Alaska only after the doctors in Seattle are sure she has been treated for all and any problems that may need neurological surgical treatments, which they would do there.

Tonight's story: Millie's angiogram ended up on a positive note and she continues to sleep.

I will update again when I know more.

Keep praying and thanks very much.


Anonymous said...

We need to grab her feet, and do our thing. Kotya

Connie Marie said...

I love you Kotya!

Kerri said...

Thank you, Connie, for writing these updates. It's encouraging to know that the procedures are going well. I will continue to pray for her continued healing...for the doctors to be able to find any and all problems and correct them...for the family (immediate and extended) to feel God's warming comfort during this time.