Wednesday, November 15, 2006


When someone dies -things change. We want things to remain the same but they don't. I remember feeling like we all moved up a notch or two when my Dad died in 1987. We seemed to move up in responsibility or something within our family. Could I could be hearing a spiritual conveyor belt that had us all moving closer to the end... movin' on down the line! [chugga-chugga-chugga]

My daughter Kim and her husband Tony are new to the grieving process with this close death in the family. Closing the book on someones life is hard. Preparation of the eulogy. Things we don't ever want to think about, but someone has to do it in the end.

Who gets what? What did she want you to have? Property left behind is now all up for grabs. One thing Kim mentioned that stands out in my mind when they returned to their Grandmother's home after the hospital. "All her things, they are nothing now. They were so important to her before death. There they were in the house... but they are nothing without her." This is all sad. Our treasures on Earth, after death they become nothing to us, and trouble for others.

There is a teaching that we should not lay up treasures on Earth, we should lay up treasures in Heaven. How do we lay up treasures in Heaven? We can't see them, yet there is a way to put treasures in Heaven. Someday, our treasures will be evident, earthly or heavenly. Where our treasures are, there is our heart. A big reminder to me that I need to learn how to build treasures in Heaven so that my heart longs to be there. This is something good to meditate on.

There was, once upon a time, a grand wedding coordinated by a King. The invited guests were not willing to come ---even after being coaxed. After dealing dreadfully with those self-important guests, the King said, "Go out into the highways, invite all that you see to my feast." So out they went. Many came, the good and the bad. The King walked in to see the guests and when he saw someone without a wedding garment on he went over and He asked him, "Friend, how did you get in here without a wedding garment?" His reply was inadequate, in fact he was speechless.

The King called for His bouncers to tie him up and then carry this person out and throw him into outter darkness. How do we put on a wedding garment so that we are not thrown out of the wedding feast? What is a wedding garment? This is another thing we should meditate on and study to know before death.

I am rambling with these thought provoking stories that are found in the Gospel of Matthew today. Questions that many have asked after Death has stopped by so close to home. -----Home?


Constance said...

I agree about stuff, you can't take it with you and it becomes a headache for those left behind. When Dave's Dad passes, we will have a formidable task sorting and going through all of their stuff! I am dreading that for the obvious reasons but also because of the unbelievable amount of stuff there is. Not all of it is memorable and sentimental. There are piles of newspapers, TV Guides saved for who knows why, underwear that is still in the package but because it's so old, the elastic is rotted. I could go on & on!

Interestingly though on the flip side, is the comfort that those "things" bring to some people. Dave's dad is finding comfort in his grief over losing Dave's Mom, by being near her things. Dave feels the same exact way. Rather than go through even her clothing, they like the fact that it is there.

Different strokes for different folks. How was your special last night? Since hooking up the new home theater system to the big screen TV it's movies, movies, movies and then when we're done, it's MORE movies! Ha Ha! In fact, by Beloved is watching "The French Connection" even as I type!

Connie Marie said...

The documentary was interesting just like I thought that it would be. Interesting.

I knew they would give evolution a major part in their presentation so I was not surprised when much of it centered on evolution in a backwards sort of way.

The Ula's family ended up being one where the parent couple were close cousins. I am thinking that had a lot to do with their physical problems.

It was sad to see this physical problem but I guess it was not the first incidence of this sort of balancing problem.

I always find the medical information very interesting, so this show kept my attention the whole time.

I know what you mean about "things" being a comfort. Even the clothes with the persons lingering scent can be a comfort ----until that dissipates.