Wednesday, November 22, 2006

So Far... So Good!

I have been busy in the kitchen all morning, well only after I got done watching Regis and Kelly. Their show has become a regular thing for me lately! I am even taking notes just in case they call me to participate in their A Go Go Grande!

Anyway, I have made the Mini Cranberry Meringue Pies, well half done, they are in the refrigerator now. Next step is the meringue topping. I started on the Sweet Potato Souffle Pie. Both recipes I found on Martha Stewart's website and I have included links to both recipes. I watched her make the Sweet Potato Pie on NBC's Today Show. First time I am using phyllo dough! I will let you know if the pies pass the family test.

Right now the milk and ginger are seeping. Lots of steps to make a pie but I am having fun. The mini cranberry pies, so far, are beautiful. The red color is festive. Martha used a little butane torch to brown her meringue but I am going the old fashioned route---broiler.

I had hoped to make a fresh peach pie and a fresh plum pie too but it never entered my mind that they would be out of season! I guess to be totally Martha Stewart I should have had them imported from somewhere warm! I will try to make something with frozen peaches instead... not quite Martha Stewart style, but hey... I'm trying!

Yesterday night we were up late setting up the arbor we made for Klint and Calli's wedding at the church. Rachel Parker will be getting married and using the arbor on Friday. It looked really nice set up in the new church. Our church is not a fancy church but was built with the idea of having fun activities in it during the time we are not worshipping. So it kind of looks like a gym in there but with the arbor and the decorations they will be using it is ready for a grand wedding event.

After all the work of hauling the arbor and setting it up we stopped at the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for the pies I am working on today. SO late at night and still there were so many shoppers. I don't feel rushed at all this year with the dinner, it's going to be fun doing a progressive dinner.

What's been cooking/baking in your kitchen so far? If you have not done any baking yet, you should! There's nothing like the sweet aroma from goodies baking in the oven to get you into the holiday mood!

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