Tuesday, November 21, 2006

A Sad Fact About That Turkey

I should not even mention this so that we can continue on to our "happy" turkey day but.... the poor birds that are slaughtered each holiday season for us, it is so horrible to read about the abuses that go on in animal slaughter-houses.

I have a sick feeling as I read about all those poor turkeys and other food animals that live a very short and limited life.

Ten billion animals each year are slaughtered in the US.

I remember watching a t.v. show about this and the ugly truth about meat that we eat each day and the horrors that some of these animals live is something we should all be made aware of.

I can't even watch the videos found at this site concerning mistreatment of animals before they finally reach the optimal age of consumption. Factory Farming. The pictures are sobering enough.

I cannot eat veal, I refuse to eat veal!!!!

What is the solution to this topic? Stop eating meat? Don't we need meat to be healthy? Maybe not. Eat fish! I suppose there are abuses even in the fishing/clamming/oyster industries too. Why do people become cruel and abusive when they go into the business of raising meat for sale?

The abuses I have read about go on and on, even in reproducing turkeys! They cultivate such a big-breasted turkey, for us the consumers, that the poor tom turkeys cannot even breed normally! I am ready to give up eating turkey, chicken, beef, poor ducks that are force fed even to become FAT DUCKS?!!

All this information makes me physically sick. I know, I despise myself too ---for bringing this up right at Thanksgiving.

I don't believe that totally abstaining from eating meat is the answer. Eating meat will not end in this world. I, like you, strongly hate the abuses these animals endure waiting to be sent to the slaughterhouse. There are some people that have totally quit eating meat and even adopting animals and birds to save them from slaughter.

Could Mad Cow Disease and Avian Flu actually be judgements for the lack of humane treatment towards our food animals?

I think maybe if we buy turkeys that are normal in size and don't buy those big breasted, juicy turkeys, leave those premium turkeys in the freezers and buy the turkeys grown on natural farms. I am encouraging everyone to have dry turkey meat--it is delicious! Especially dry, tough turkey meat!

I don't want to buy your premium turkeys you premium turkey breeders ....you, you--- turkeys!